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I am SO excited for spring that I’m counting down the days. I absolutely love decorating for the holidays, but what I love this time of year is tidying, organizing, and even doing a little bit of redecorating. Tidying up and reducing the number of things sitting around that we don’t need anymore just feels so good. Living in sunny Orange County means that our spring cleaning starts now! I can’t wait to show you some of my Organization and Tidy Tips for reducing and redecorating all while cleaning up. Let’s get started in the laundry room!

Organization and Tidy Tips - Use a straw dispenser to organize and store makeup brushes. Brilliant and cute! More must-see tips here. #MakeUpBrushes #BathroomOrganization #TidyTips #OrganizingTips

My makeup brushes were starting to take over the drawers. Small ones were getting lost, brushes were put back in the wrong places, the drawers were getting dirty, it had just become a mess. Since we recently reduced the amount of plastic straws we use at home, I decided to use our straw dispenser for my makeup brushes!

How brilliant is this? I can see every brush, the brushes have 1 distinct “home” now, and they are so organized.

Store Makeup Brushes in a Straw Dispenser

Need a makeup brush? Pull up on the lid and the brushes will beautifully display themselves (just like it works with straws) making it simpler than ever before to use and store makeup brushes. This is the straw organizer I used.

Organization and Tidy Tips - Use a straw dispenser to organize and store makeup brushes. Brilliant and cute! More must-see tips here #MakeUpBrushes #BathroomOrganization #TidyTips #OrganizingTips

My daughter takes ballet and her conservatory is very strict about their ballet buns worn to class, rehearsals, and performances. You know that old joke:

I’ve owned about 6,000 bobby pins in my life.
How many do I have left?
Four. I have four left.

Use magnetic strips to organize bobby pins

Organization and Tidy Tips - use peel and press magnets on the inside of a medicine cabinet to store bobby pins. So smart! More must-see tips here. #BathroomOrganization #TidyTips #OrganizingTips

Every girl knows that is all too true! Trying to prevent an 8 year old from losing bobby pins is even harder! So, I helped her tidy up her bathroom drawers by putting peel and press magnetic strips on the inside of her medicine cabinet. Since bobby pins are metal, they will stick to the magnets hidden inside the medicine cabinet! The bobby pins also have a “home” now… and they are no longer lost in the back corners of 4 various bathroom drawers. YAY!

DIY plastic bin ribbon organizer

Let’s move on to my craft supplies

These were getting quite embarrassing. Before moving to our new home, we had moved a lot (like 5 times in 5 years). Despite doing my best to organize my paint, glitter, glue, and ribbon, everything had become a mess. Plus, it had become a mess in our garage! In most of our former homes, I had to store my craft supplies in the garage.

In our new home, I have a great size office (it’s actually a casita separated from our main living areas). Anyways, it’s taken me months to realize that I don’t need to keep my disheveled craft supplies all over the place in the garage! I have some beautiful cabinets in my office to clean up the crafts, making them easy to access and easy to see what I have.  Sadly, I started to buy multiples because I was unaware of what I had in the messy way I had things stored before.

Tidy Tips and Organization - ribbon storage solution! Use plastic bins and small wooden dowels to store ribbon spools. No more ribbon messes! Everything stays neat and tidy. More must-see tips here. #CraftRoomOrganization #TidyTips #OrganizingTips

My ribbon collection had gotten out of control! For this, I used plastic bins with small wooden dowels. It’s ribbon perfection I tell you! Full disclosure: not shown are the 4 full baskets of ribbon I actually have organized like this LOLolol! But, don’t you worry, they are all neat and tidy in my office storage area now.

I found that a simple spice rack is thee perfect size for organizing my paint and glitter. Tiered shelves mean I can see what I have… which means I’ll stop accidentally buying multiples… How’s that for a tidy tip?

Tidy Tips and Organization - use a simple spice rack to store paint and glitter. No more messes! Everything stays neat and tidy. More must-see tips here. #CraftRoomOrganization #TidyTips #OrganizingTips

Tupperware organization

Last up: a little kitchen tidying!

No home is complete without an inevitable mess of food storage containers and mismatched lids. This cupboard had become a complete mess (which is hard to do so quickly considering we haven’t lived here that long). I’m not sure if our dishwasher eats the lids, like how our dryer eats socks, or if we just lose track of our leftover containers and their matching parts? I’ll never know! BUT, I found a great way to keep the food storage containers and their lids organized.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

It turns out napkin holders (or napkin stands) hold lids perfectly! I purchased 2, one for each side of the cupboard. I also added some racks so that I could neatly stack the food storage containers neatly… as opposed to risking it all by stacking them in wobbly rows of mismatched sizes that eventually fall out onto the lucky person who happens to open the door on the wrong day.

Use Pine Sol Lemon in the bottom of a toilet brush holder.

There is no denying that the smell of Pine Sol Lemon reminds us all that something is clean and there is no better place to have that wonderful deodorizing scent than in a bathroom, right? Plus, the extra power of Pine Sol in the toilet brush holder makes it super easy to do a quick and effective toilet cleaning.

Use Pine Sol Lemon in the bottom of your toilet brush holder.

It’s so fun trying out and creating tidy tips around our home. We’ve been decorating so much that it has been easy to accidentally let the other things go. Looking for more tidy tips and organization ideas? We have a BUNCH more here!

Happy tidying!

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