Whimsy Wednesday Nov. 18

Whimsy Wednesday Nov. 18

Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday, a link party for bloggers! This is a place for bloggers to share their latest posts about DIY crafts, recipes, life tips, printables, sewing patterns, and so much more. Not a blogger? That’s ok! We invite you to look around and click on the ideas that interest you. Share them with your family and friends!

My very favorite post from last week is by Bitz & Giggles. I think these DIY Toilet Freshener Tabs are DEFINITELY worth a try! I love that the ingredients are simple and that you can even add your own fragrance (something I love to do with DIY home cleaning). Check out this easy tutorial for toilet freshener tabs HERE.

DIY Toilet Freshener Tabs by Bitz & Giggles

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