Bubble Gum Bubble Bath Recipe



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Bubble Gum Bubble Bath Recipe

Bubbles are SO fun! They’re even more fun when you’re surrounded by them in a big bath tub. What makes this super fantastic DIY bubble bath recipe theeee best is that the bubbles are scented like gum balls (crazy fun, right?). The ingredients are gentle and the process is extremely simple.

An incredibly simple and cute tutorial for Bubble Gum Bubble Bath!


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  1. Is it supposed to bubble? I followed the recipe and mine doesn’t bubble. More glycerin or soap?

  2. This is so fun! My kids would love this, wait I would love this! Thank you for sharing

  3. My daughter’s favorite flavor/scent right now is bubblegum. She would LOVE this. I love that’s it’s not something from the store, filled with bunch of fake/harsh ingredients. All of our skin is sensitive, and I don’t buy scented bubble bath’s from Target/Bath & Body because of that. Going to try this!

  4. Oooh this looks like it would be totally awesome! I must try it. Pinning for later.