Candy Wrapper M&M Gift

Candy Wrapper M&M Gift

Handing out little treats is one of our favorite things to do! We are so excited about spring, the warm weather outside, the pastel colors painted everywhere, and the adorable spring treats available. Don’t get me wrong, winter is great and all, but spring is even better! After playing outside, the kids came in and we assembled some adorable candy wrapper M&M gifts. You’ll love these and they are perfect for handing out to friends, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, teammates, or even as party favors!

Candy Wrapper M&M Gift

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  1. So cute!!

  2. Sue hardin says:

    Where can I get the plastic candy holders?

    • Hi Sue! There is a link up in the post where it lists out the supplies. That will show you where you can get them:)