Candy Wrapper M&M Gift

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Candy Wrapper M&M Gift

Handing out little treats is one of our favorite things to do! We are so excited about spring, the warm weather outside, the pastel colors painted everywhere, and the adorable spring treats available. Don’t get me wrong, winter is great and all, but spring is even better! After playing outside, the kids came in and we assembled some adorable candy wrapper M&M gifts. You’ll love these and they are perfect for handing out to friends, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, teammates, or even as party favors!

Candy Wrapper M&M Gift

We recently bought these plastic candy wrappers and some white chocolate M&Ms and made the cutest Candy Wrapper M&M gift! When the kids were ready for a clam and relaxing activity, I had them wash their hands and separate the M&Ms. They various created piles, but each section had a purpose. What’s more fun that separating M&Ms? Next, I had them place equal amounts of the various M&M colors into the plastic candy wrappers. Each candy wrapper holds about 9 M&Ms.

Candy wrapper M&M gift or party favor! Made with white chocolate M&Ms and plastic candy wrapper containers (see where to find them here)

Simply place the lid on each container, step back, and revel in their cuteness!

Candy Wrapper M&M Gift

These would make fun party favors or gifts for friends. The possibilities are endless!

Happy spring!

Candy Wrapper M&M Gift or party favor (see where to find the plastic wrappers them here)

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