Washcloth Reindeer

Washcloth Reindeer

You will love this adorable DIY washcloth reindeer Christmas craft and it makes the perfect homemade Christmas gift idea. I love that it’s easy enough for kids to make and cute enough to give anybody on your Christmas list! Plus, it smells so good…

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When this time of year comes around, I love getting crafty with our home decor and gifts. In the spring, we made washcloth bunnies (seen here) and they were a huge hit! So, I headed back to Wal-Mart today to see if they had brown washcloths to give this idea a try! Luckily, they have two shades of brown washcloths for less that $2 each. I opted for the darker shade but I think mixing light and dark brown washcloths would be adorable too, especially if you plan on make a bunch.

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Materials Needed to Make a Washcloth Rudolph Reindeer

  • Brown washcloth
    Materials needed to make a washcloth reindeer for Christmas
  • Bar of soap
  • Brown hair tie or rubber band
  • Small silver bell
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue (or regular glue if kids are making them)
  • Red pompom
  • Googly eyes
  • Foam antlers. I used the ones found in this craft kit but you can make some out of craft foam or use brown pipe cleaners!
    Foam antlers

How to Make a Reindeer from a Washcloth

Watch how we made it:

Washcloth Reindeer Instructions

  1. Place the bar of soap in the center of the washcloth
    How to make a washcloth reindeer
  2. Pull up two opposite corners
    How to make a washcloth reindeer
  3. Roll the corners down to the center of the soap
  4. Hold the rolled washcloth in place and gather the other two sides toward the center
    How to make a washcloth reindeer
  5. Secure with a brown hair tie or rubber band. This creates the little reindeer ears!
  6. How to make a washcloth reindeer
  7. Tie a ribbon with a bell attached around the ears to cover up the hair tie/rubber band
  8. Using hot glue (or regular glue if you’re working with kids) attach the eyes, pompom nose, and antlers (as seen in the video)

They are just so cuddly, cute, and I love that they smell like fresh soap! A bunch of people on my Facebook Fan Page have commented that using a homemade bar of soap would be neat. I love that idea! One person said that these would be neat to make and donate to a shelter (how’s that for a smart and thoughtful idea?).

Washcloth Reindeer. ADORABLE and easy DIY Christmas gift idea! #DIYChristmasGift #DIYholiday #handmadegift #washclothreindeer #ChristmasCraft #Rudolphcraft

Send me a picture of the washcloth reindeer you make!

Merry Christmas!

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      1. I looked up Hobby Lobby there were no kits like this found, I was hoping I could order them , I guess I’ll try to make my own wish me luck?

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