Dry Shampoo for Dogs

Dry Shampoo for Dogs

With the warmer weather upon us, we’re bound to spend more time outside. Not just us, our whole family, including our dogs! I made this DIY dry shampoo made With just our furry friends in mind It’s fun, easy, and yummy smelling. I even made a free doggy printable for those of you that love to label jars as much as I do!

Have you ever used (or made) a dry shampoo for yourself? They’re known as a way to “freshen” up your hair in between washes. Dry shampoos are a wonderful quick fix for those days where you are rushed or where you want to make your hair smell pretty without going through the entire wash and dry process. If your dog doesn’t have any skin issues and is relatively good health, you can make a dry shampoo for them too! This is perfect for our furry friends who adore jumping around under the warmth of the sun.

This is the Skin Safe Vanilla Fragrance Oil I used. (Click here to see the kind I use)

To see my entire tutorial, click the photo below to view the step by step details at She Knows. I’ll see you there!

How to make a Dry Shampoo for Dogs with just 3 simple ingredients. Great to use in between dog baths!

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  1. Can you make the dry shampoo without the oil?

  2. Can you make the dry shampoo without the vanilla oil?

  3. I was unable to figure out what kind of oil you use. Can you provide a link? Thanks!

  4. jill bevel says:

    dry shampoo sounds great, but neither link worked to find your vanilla brand. could you add it to the site and save the mix up. can’t wait to try