Giant Pool Noodle Flowers

Giant Pool Noodle Flowers

Who loves adorable DIY outdoor decorations? We do, we do! If you follow me on Facebook (don’t miss out and follow me here) then you might have seen these adorable GIANT Pool Noodle Flowers that I shared today. 

Are you ready to make some? They’ll stand up straight in any yard and will definitely catch a lot of attention!

Let’s get started…

GIANT Pool Noodle Flowers made with a chip dip tray and a bowl!

These are so easy and adorable. 

Watch how simple they are to make!


To make large flowers out of pool noodles, you will need the following supplies from my local dollar store:

  • Pool noodles 
  • Noodle boards (you can also find them here on Amazon
    How to make an outdoor flower
  • Plastic chip dip tray – any shape will work… all flowers are unique and different
    GIANT flower DIY
  • A plastic bowl to place in the center of the chip dip tray
    How to make a GIANT flower

Head to the hardware store to find these supplies:

  • Liquid Nails – the clear silicon works great
    liquid nails
  • Wooden dowels in the lumber section. The 5/8″ dowels are just about the same size as the pool noodles!

Finally, you will need these tools:

  • Hammer
  • Scissors

Remember, your flowers don’t have to look just like mine! If you find a plastic plate and glue smaller bowls around it for petals… that will make a flower too! Use what you have or what you can find. You simply can’t go wrong because ANY giant pool noodle flower will look great!


  1. Using Liquid Nails, glue the bowl to the center of the chip tray. Allow it to dry.
  2. Glue the chip tray to the top of the pool noodle. This might take some propping for it to stay in place with anything you have around. Allow it to dry.
  3. Glue the Noodle Boards to the pool noodles for the “leaves”. Let the “leaves” dry.
    leaves for giant outdoor flowers
  4. Cut off any extra edges from the leaves (if necessary)
    Kickboards for pool noodle flowers
  5. Hammer the wooden dowels into your yard
    Hammer a wooden dowel for a Pool Noodle Flower
  6. Slip the pool noodles over the dowels!

How adorable are these giant outdoor flowers?!

GIANT Pool Noodle Flowers made with a chip dip tray and a bowl!

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