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If you have a child in elementary school then you understand the craze of squishies right now. Today I’m going to show you how to make squishies TWO different ways at home. The kids have been bringing home various homemade squishies and stress balls in balloons so we decided to give it a try! Our goal? To make sure they are super fun to squish but won’t cause a mess if they happen to break (you’re welcome mom and dad!). Both of our squishies are unique and so fun to play with! We can’t decide which one is our favorite.

How to Make Squishies

How to Make Squishies!!!!!!!!!!! LESS THAN $1 EACH omg! #squishy #squishies #howtomakesquishies #homemadesquishies

Squishes are technically made out of foam and can be quite expensive (especially when kids want several of them!).

We made some squishes today that cost less than $1.00 each! When you buy the supplies, your kids can make squishes over and over again. My kids especially love that part!

Supplies to Make a Squishy


  • Balloons
  • Water
  • Fiberfill – I got a huge bag in the sewing isle at Walmart. It’s the stuff homemade stuffed animals are filled with
    Fiber Fill to Make Homemade Squishies


  • Balloon
  • Water
  • Makeup Applicator Sponges – I got a large bag at Walmart for a few dollars
    Makeup Sponges for Making Squishies

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How to Make a Homemade Squishy

  1. Use the supplies for either Squishy #1  or Squishy #2
  2. Fill the balloons with the fiberfill or makeup sponges. Heres a tip: hold the balloon open with 2 fingers and stuff it with your other hand.
  3. When you feel like the balloon is getting full, gently add water. We place it under the kitchen facet at a slow speed. Don’t turn it into a water ballon! Just let the water fill up part of the balloon.
  4. Blow a small amount of air into the balloon. Not so much where it would pop if you squish it though. Just a little air to give the material inside some additional space.
  5. Tie the balloon closed.

How to Make Squishies at home two ways! They cost LESS THAN $1 EACH! Using balloons, makeup applicator sponges, and fiberfill #squishy #squishies #howtomakesquishies #homemadesquishies

Every squishy turns out different! Experiment with adding more or less water or air. Somehow, the fiberfill and cosmetic sponges have just the right amount of “squish” to make these perfect homemade squishies.

How to Make Squishies at home two ways! They cost LESS THAN $1 EACH! Using balloons, makeup applicator sponges, and fiberfill #squishy #squishies #howtomakesquishies #homemadesquishies

Use any size balloons you want. Balloons are perfect for homemade squishies. We used 12 inch balloons from Walmart (they were 97 cents for a bag of 12!).

Making squishies with balloons How to Make Squishies at home #squishy #squishies #howtomakesquishies #homemadesquishies

What we love most is that this craft is clean! No messes to pick up, no messy accidents, no furniture ruined.

How to Make Squishies!!!!!!!!!!! LESS THAN $1 EACH omg! #squishy #squishies #howtomakesquishies #homemadesquishies

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