Ice Cream Play Dough Recipe

Ice Cream Play Dough Recipe

Well, well, well! Do I have something extremely fun to teach your kids today! Do your kids like ice cream? Do your kids like play dough? Let’s combine those two wonderful things into a kid friendly craft that is sure to provide lots of smiles and giggles! Introducing:
Ice Cream Play Dough!
It’s edible, it’s soft, and it looks and moves EXACTLY like ice cream. I can’t wait to show you my easy DIY play dough recipe:

An edible ICE CREAM PLAY DOUGH recipe that your kids will fall in love with!

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24 thoughts on “Ice Cream Play Dough Recipe

  1. So so cool! Love it! And as far as accurately measuring the frosting, a plunger style measuring cup works wonders for all sticky, gooey ingredients! 😉

    1. Dee! You are not forced to make this. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Didn’t your mother teach you this?

  2. Kelly, This looks like so much fun. I love how it is so easy to make too. Your kids look adorable in these pictures. See you tomorrow in Parent Participation class.

  3. Oh My How I really Love the way this looks! Unfortunately, I am NO Baker & don’t own a mixer–would it work by hand (if starting at room temp), & or Blender on the slowest? I’m not sure we ‘ll be able to do this one … But it’s lovely none the less!
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  4. I to am wondering if there is a way to make this without a stand mixer. Have it on my list of activities for spring break next week, sure hope there is another way.

  5. This looks great! Quick question, you said premade frosting? Do you mean like the Betty Crocker cake frosting? I only ask cause it doesn’t look the same consistency as what’s in those little tubs. Thanks !

    1. Yes just like Better Crocker cake frosting (just those pre-made tubs you get in the baking isle). I did not use the “whipped” frosting though. Just the regular kind:)

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