Ice Cream Play Dough Recipe

Ice Cream Play Dough Recipe

Well, well, well! Do I have something extremely fun to teach your kids today! Do your kids like ice cream? Do your kids like play dough? Let’s combine those two wonderful things into a kid friendly craft that is sure to provide lots of smiles and giggles! Introducing:
Ice Cream Play Dough!
It’s edible, it’s soft, and it looks and moves EXACTLY like ice cream. I can’t wait to show you this easy DIY play dough recipe:

An edible ICE CREAM PLAY DOUGH recipe that your kids will fall in love with!

There are only 2 secret ingredients to my recipe:

  • Pre-made frosting (in any color)
  • Powdered Sugar

Stella picked out a pink frosting and, of course, Mitch picked out blue. That boy LOVES blue I tell you! But, you can use whatever color frosting you or your kids want. You can even use chocolate frosting, which will make the play dough look EXACTLY like chocolate ICE CREAM! This recipe is unbelievable…..




Have you ever scooped ice cream yourself? Ice cream pulls apart and rolls into an ice cream scoop in a very particular manner. This ice cream play dough pulls, rolls, scoops, and sits exactly like real ice cream. Just check it out! You can scoop it with a REAL ice cream scoop and you can fool everybody around you into thinking it’s actual ice cream!

2 ingredient DIY recipe for Ice Cream Play Dough! This play dough is the fluffiest, softest, and funnest edible play dough you'll ever make!

This is not something that can be done with any other play dough recipe… it’s truly one of a kind and you are going to laugh at how easy it is to make.


  • 1 cup of pre-made frosting with
  • 2 3/4 cups of powdered sugar

Add the powdered sugar to the frosting in slow increments using the dough hook attachment on your mixer, continually scraping the sides of the bowl. Use a slow speed on your mixer (no need to go too fast because this dough is pretty thick). Before you add all of the powdered sugar, touvh the play dough and, if it feels at all sticky, add the rest of the powered sugar in. Considering that it is kind of hard to measure exactly one cup of frosting, you might have to eye ball the last quarter cup of powdered sugar that is necessary for this play dough. It WILL take a lot more powdered sugar that it looks like though (just continue to test the “stickyness” and say no to sticky play dough). Once you’ve added all of the powdered sugar, the play dough will begin to look just like ice cream in your mixer.

Roll it into one big ball and make sure it is not crumbly or sticky. If, by chance, you added a little too much powdered sugar, don’t worry! We aren’t perfect! Simply sprinkle a little olive oil onto the play dough and BOOM! Problem solved!

How to make PLAY DOUGH that looks just like ICE CREAM!

I gave Stella and Mitch an ice cream scoop and some ice cream cones to play with their play dough. Do you think they were happy? Do you know how hard it is to get a 2 and 3 year old to sit and play for that long? It was lovely……..

Oh- and since the entire recipe consists of only frosting and powdered sugar, this play dough happens to be completely edible! A lil’ sugar never hurt anybody! Now, I made sure my kiddos didn’t sit there and actually eat the play dough (they could have been bouncing off the walls on a sugar high!). However, if they nibble a little bit, which  kids will do because it is part of the learning process, then rest assured they will be perfectly fine…..and probably really happy!

Ice Cream Play Dough4

When Stella and Mitch play with their ice cream play dough, it tends to show slight signs of drying out after about an hour or so. No, it doesn’t completely dry out, but little flakes will separate around the table. Blame that on the powdered sugar. If it starts to dry out from so much playing, simply drizzle a little olive oil on top of it and the play dough will return right back to the normal consistency. But- be aware that, just like all play dough, this recipe will provide it’s fair share of clean up. Be sure to clean the play dough off the table when the kids are done playing. Otherwise, that powdered sugar tends to dry up and become hard to remove. A little soapy water will remove it like magic!

Store your ice cream play dough in a zip lock bag in the refrigerator. When your kids want to play with it again, leave it out for 30 mintues to warm and reach room temperature (it will harden in the fridge). When it is at room temperature, add a little olive oil to the dough if necessary and  get right back to playing!

It’s so incredibly fun!

An edible ICE CREAM PLAY DOUGH recipe that your kids will fall in love with!

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  1. So so cool! Love it! And as far as accurately measuring the frosting, a plunger style measuring cup works wonders for all sticky, gooey ingredients! 😉

    1. Dee! You are not forced to make this. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Didn’t your mother teach you this?

  2. Kelly, This looks like so much fun. I love how it is so easy to make too. Your kids look adorable in these pictures. See you tomorrow in Parent Participation class.

  3. Oh My How I really Love the way this looks! Unfortunately, I am NO Baker & don’t own a mixer–would it work by hand (if starting at room temp), & or Blender on the slowest? I’m not sure we ‘ll be able to do this one … But it’s lovely none the less!
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  4. I to am wondering if there is a way to make this without a stand mixer. Have it on my list of activities for spring break next week, sure hope there is another way.

  5. This looks great! Quick question, you said premade frosting? Do you mean like the Betty Crocker cake frosting? I only ask cause it doesn’t look the same consistency as what’s in those little tubs. Thanks !

    1. Yes just like Better Crocker cake frosting (just those pre-made tubs you get in the baking isle). I did not use the “whipped” frosting though. Just the regular kind:)

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