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Who here has kids that love the Disney movie Frozen? Oh you do? Me too! I guess it is safe to say that pretty much every kid within a certain age group adores the movie Frozen. This year for Valentine’s Day, I put together a cotton candy Frozen themed Valentine called- Love is an Open Door. I’m pretty sure you know the words to the entire song (don’t we all?), so this Valentine is sure to be very recognizable, yet extremely unique! If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind Frozen Valentine idea, I’ve got you covered! Kids everywhere will love this!

Love is an Open Door Valentine

Love is an Open Door Valentine. A free Frozen Valentine printable

For these easy peasy Valentines, you will need:

Cello Treat Bags

White cotton candy- or any type of candy you want!
(I got a large tub of vanilla cotton candy at WalMart)

The free printables (keep reading)

Stapler or tape

The key inside the little bag of cotton candy is actually just paper. It’s an adorable little printable that is free!

Here’s a lil’ video to show what your final product will look like!

To assemble each Valentine bag:

Print the free Valentine below
Cut out the key (I did a bubble cut, which means it doesn’t have to be perfectly cut out)
Fold the Valentine tag in half
Write who it is “To” and “From”
Insert the key and cotton candy inside the cello treat bag
Staple or tape the Valentine tags onto the cello treat bags

Love is an Open Door Valentine. A free Frozen Valentine printable

CLICK the image below to download

Love is an Open Door Free Valentine Printable

Isn’t this the cutest? Remember, you don’t have to use cotton candy! Any white or blue candy will work:) I love the way the white cotton candy looks like snow!

Love is an Open Door Valentine Printable

Looking for more Valentine ideas? Check out this Kinetic Sand Valentine (it’s candy free!)

Kinetic Sand Valentine

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