Penguins Sliding Down the Stairs



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Penguins Sliding Down Stairs

We are already decorating for the holidays even though it’s Thanksgiving week. There are some things in life that we just can’t get enough of and Christmas decor is one of them! Today we are showing you how to make a snow slide in your house! Well, it’s a pretend snow slide:) I’ll show you how to create a scene that looks like penguins sliding down stairs. If you have kids around during the holidays and a staircase, this DIY banister Christmas decor is just for you!


Penguins sliding down the stairs. ADORABLE! This DIY Christmas decor is so easy to do!

To make penguins sliding down the staircase on the banister, you will need:

  • Season’s Cover. It’s a white “snow like” cover that rolls out. It can be cut and shaped however and used for several Christmas projects! I used about 3 rolls for this project.
  • White pipe cleaners
  • String(s) of Christmas Lights
  • Stuffed animals like penguins, or polar bears. Use whatever you have! I got these penguins at the Dollar Spot at Target (they were actually $3.00 each). Consider the Dollar Store, Walmart, or even pet stores!

Here’s how easy it is to assemble these Penguins sliding down the stairs:

(this project is inspired by a pin on Pinterest without any directions)


  1. Start with wrapping the Christmas lights around your banister, paying attention to where the plug in your house is. Check the lights before moving forward to make sure that they all work.
  2. Secure the lights in place with pipe cleaners. Just wrap and twist! It actually works like magic:)
  3. Cover the banister with Season’s Cover
  4. Tuck or even cut the cover according to your stairs and banister (this will vary for everyone)
  5. Place the stuffed animals throughout the “snow slide” by securing their feet or tails down with more white pipe cleaners. Here’s the trick: the pipe cleaners will stick right through the snow cover. So, you won’t see much of the pipe cleaner at all! Press a pipe cleaner through one side of the snow cover and out the other, then pull it tight along the stuffed animal’s feet or tail, then twist. Isn’t that easy? People will wonder how you did it!
  6. At night, turn on the lights and watch the slope come to life. Weeee!

Isn’t that easy? The magic is in the pipe cleaners…… I LOVE IT! These little things can do a lot of things:

Penguins sliding down the stairs

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