Big Plastic Ball Ornaments

Big Plastic Ball Ornaments

You know when an great idea pops in your head and you just HAVE to try it out? That’s what happened to us this week. I was mentally preparing for Christmas (secretly so excited about putting our tree up) and then this DIY craft idea got stuck in my head. Would it work? Would it look as good as I hoped? Oh my GOODNESS! The answer was yes!! These BIG plastic ball ornaments for Christmas are unbelievably cool and incredibly easy (and inexpensive) to make. They are so pretty!!! Best of all, they are unbreakable and the supplies are fully reusable year after year. You’re going to love this Christmas craft tutorial…..

AMAZING and BIG unbreakable plastic ball ornaments for Christmas! Use a plastic ball (the ones found in the toy section for a dollar or so). Put them in your tree, around the house, or hang them with ribbon! Untie, save the supplies, and get a new ball for next year:) So easy!click-to-continue-reading-page-break

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