Watermelon Hacks

Watermelon Hacks

Watermelon Hacks! Creative ways for how to cut a watermelon.

Watermelon season is here which means we will all be eating (and possibly growing) a lot of watermelon! Watermelon is an easy, healthy, cool snack that most kids love. Bring it to the beach, pool, lake, or park and it’s bound to be a hit! Whether you’re looking for the easiest way to cut a watermelon or if you’re looking for creative Watermelon Hacks (like watermelon popsicles and watermelon jello), then you’ve hit the jackpot! Simply click the next and back arrows below to have your mind blown with super creative Watermelon Hacks. To see each tutorial, click the various photos. Happy watermelon season!


  1. Thank you for including my watermelon pops!

    • I think your idea is so insanely smart!! My kids eat watermelon like it’s ice cream, so putting a popsicle stick in it makes WAY too much sense! Thank you for such a beautiful idea:)

  2. I just bought a watermelon yesterday! Perfect timing:) I think I will make the watermelon pops for the kiddos after school snack.