Worksheets with Color



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Worksheets with Color

I recently created some worksheets with color to help my kids prepare to go back to school. Did you know that color can help memory retention in learning? Have you ever noticed how words or math problems are broken apart with different colors in your child’s classroom or in their homework?

Worksheets with Color. Did you know that color can help memory retention in learning? Color is a very important part of emotion, productivity, and learning.

Color is a very important part of emotion, productivity, and learning. Color is the most powerful stimulus for the brain! The right combination of colors is also important, because it can produce higher level of contrast. Contrast attracts more attention and better visibility which improves memory retention. Therefore, special pens can also help your kids at home as well as in the classroom!

When I was a child, I would call these Paper Mate® Flair® Felt-Tip Pens “teacher pens” because my teachers used them. It was SO fun when I got to use a teacher pen in the classroom. It made me feel so official as a child! Kids often respond very well when they get to use something very special in their learning. 

Naturally, I love these colorful pens and still use them regularly at home. My kids are allowed to use them because the water-based ink will quickly dry and won’t bleed through paper. They don’t like holes in their paper and I don’t like ink stains on the table! These felt tip pens are a win for the whole family!

Worksheet practicing colors

Color can ultimately influence a a child’s ability to study and remember important skills. Because my son is going into first grade, he traced the spelling of different colors today. To take it a step further, he got to trace the colors with a coordinating pen! The connection to the spelling and the colored pen will help him remember the words in the future. Plus, it’s way more fun than tracing in pencil.

As my daughter is preparing for second grade, we used color to practice second grade sight words. A black and white rainbow is so dull and boring. But, a colorfully filled sight word rainbow is SO much more fun! 

Sight Word Rainbow Worksheet

Can you imagine how easily your kiddo would be willing to practice their sight words if they had a large pack of the very best Paper Mate® InkJoy® Gel Pens to use? The gel pens are so vivid and dry extremely fast, preventing them from smudging. After all, the rainbow sight word worksheet would be really hard to complete with smudgy gel pens (no thank you!).

Paper Mate Gel Pens. My Kids' FAVORITE!

After some spelling and sight word practice, we continued to use our pens for some grid art for kids. For younger kids, this can be challenging, but in a fun way! For this activity, the student needs to replicate the image they see on one side of the page using the grid for guidance. It’s definitely not something they can rush through and their little minds will be challenged each step of the creative way. 

Color by grid worksheet for kids. Finish the rainbow!

Does it have to be perfect?

Should they have fun trying?

Adding color and fun pens to any school work practice makes the experience better for the student. Activities like these help with problem solving, perseverance, creativity, and non-verbal communication.

Looking for more worksheets with color?

Ready to have some colorful learning time with your kids? Click the pictures below to download any of my worksheets!
The color tracing worksheet can be found here.

Sight Word Rainbow:

Sight Word Rainbow worksheet

Rainbow Grid Art for Kids. Finish the Rainbow!

Gird art worksheet for kids. Complete the Rainbow!

Castle Grid Art for Kids. Finish the Castle!

Color by grid art for kids. Complete the Castle!

These wonderfulPaper Mate® pens are available at Available in select retailers nationwide including WalMart, Target, Staples, Office Depot, Amazon.

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  1. I’ve been using color and chapter mapping since college. I WISH I would have this knowledge and ability in my early years.

  2. Thank for worksheet! These are so cute! Thanks for sharing such an adorable, fun, easy idea for kids. I love it!