Ghost Meringues

Ghost Meringues

If you follow me on Instagram, which I love you so much for, then you saw me tease about making these friendly Ghost Meringues. I’m so excited to share them with you! They are so easy to make (honest!). You only need a few supplies, some of which you most likely already have on hand. These ghost meringues are bound to impress at any Halloween party or celebration.

How to make Ghost Meringues for Halloween. An easy Halloween dessert idea!


18 thoughts on “Ghost Meringues”

  1. They sort of look like little Christmas trees too. I wonder if some green food coloring could be added & these could be made for Christmas also?

  2. Cute! Definitely trying this. Could you add green food coloring and do the same thing to make them Christmas trees? Maybe add red dots for ornaments.

  3. Ahhhh you could do these with green and make Christmas trees for Christmas! I would love to see those!

  4. Oh, those are So Stinking CUTE!!! I love meringues. I wonder if the same idea could be adapted to snowmen for winter. Just…make the tip a hat, or something? I’ll try them for halloween first….

  5. Love them! Easy, easy, easy and they’re going to be soooo cute. I’m going to try to insert chocolate chip eyes mid-baking… we’ll see how that goes. (and I added orange extract). My son will be so thrilled. He loves meringues and I can take some to the neighbor boy who’s gluten and dairy free due to allergies! Thanks. I make meringues frequently (whenever I have leftover egg whites) but I never thought to make them like ghosts!

  6. Would like to know about storing them & how far ahead I would be able to make them – have a neighborhood party every year would like to try them this year but need to know where to fit them in the scheduling ! Thanks !

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