Homemade Top Ramen

Homemade Top Ramen

While Top Ramen shouldn’t be so good, it just IS. I’m not sure what makes that 25 cent bag so delicious. Well, it’s probably the sodium and whatnot, but I still love it. I know that I can’t eat it all the time though. I’m not in college and I know the difference between soup that is good for my diet and soup that isn’t. Darn it – growing up can be so hard!

That’s what got me thinking….
What if I could make a homemade Top Ramen? One that I wouldn’t feel bad eating? One that I could even serve to my family and know that it didn’t come from a small square bag! My only stipulation was that it needed to taste just like the Top Ramen I’ve always eaten AND it had to be quick & easy to make. With those two goals in mind, I set out to conquer a homemade Top Ramen recipe.

You guys – I had no idea it was SO SIMPLE to make from scratch!!!

Homemade Top Ramen soup recipe. I had no idea it was this EASY to make! I couldn't stop eating it......

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