Bunny Ear Napkins



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Give your plastic Easter eggs a “Wow” factor with these easy DIY bunny ear napkins! This 5 minute Easter craft is fun for all ages and a creative way to decorate the Easter table. Check out the video below and learn how to create this bunny napkin fold.

Give your plastic Easter eggs a “Wow” factor with these easy DIY bunny ear napkins! #Easter #EasterEggs #DecoratingEasterEggs #DIYEasterDecor #EasterCraft

Bunny Ear Napkins

You could also make bunny ear napkins with regular eggs or Easter eggs you’ve decorated. Use ribbon colors that match your decor or let the kiddos go wild with their imagination. I’ve never seen an Easter egg that I didn’t like! Easter brings so much joy to our lives this time of year.

Use napkins and an egg to make a cute Easter bunny, great for Easter dinner! #Easter #EasterEggs #DecoratingEasterEggs #DIYEasterDecor #EasterCraft

Did you ever see our Carrot Napkin Utensils? It’s another ADORABLE and easy Easter craft idea that involves wrapping orange napkins to look like little carrots. They would look so cute next to these eggs with bunny ears out on the table!  See how cute they are here.

Give your plastic Easter eggs a “Wow” factor with these easy DIY bunny ear napkins! #Easter #EasterEggs #DecoratingEasterEggs #DIYEasterDecor #EasterCraft

Easter has to be one of my favorite holidays.  There’s always the chance we will have Spring like weather this time of year too and that makes any celebration more special. Regardless of the weather outside, indoors my home will be bright and colorful to match the mood of the holiday. You know what else would look so cute with these bunny ear napkins? These beautiful pastel colored deviled eggs! The table will be so festive, colorful, and exciting for kids and adults alike.

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How to Make Bunny Ears with a Napkin

You Will Need

  • White paper napkins (mine measure 4.5″ x 8″)
  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Hot glue (or tape with little kids)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon


  1. Unfold the napkin one time so it makes a square shape
  2. Fold the square into a triangle (as seen in the video)
  3. Fold the triangle into smaller pieces, as seen in the video, about 1.5″ thick
  4. Glue a plastic egg to the center of the folded napkin
  5. Bring the ends of the napkin up around the top of the egg, creating the bunny ear shape
  6. Glue the paper ears together at the top of the egg so they stay perfectly in place
  7. Tie a bow around the ears at the top of the egg

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