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An Easter Fish Bowl Bunny is simply cuteness overload! Designed by stacking fish bowls filled with soft and fluffy cotton balls, this DIY spring decoration is beautiful enough to be a centerpiece at the holiday table! Please also watch the video directions found within this post for visual directions:)

An Easter Fish Bowl Bunny is simply cuteness overload! Designed by stacking fish bowls filled with soft and fluffy cotton balls.

Fish Bowl Bunny

The spring season is upon us, and with it comes the always fun task of decorating with flowers and fun colors. But there’s always room for one more DIY decoration—especially if it’s as cute as this one. This is a craft that is guaranteed to impress your friends and family. I was inspired to make this Fish Bowl Bunny after creating my Fish Bowl Snowman for Christmas in the past.


I think a fish bowl Easter bunny is fun and festive. It’s like a great big delicate bunny, yet filled with soft cotton balls, beautiful enough to use as a centerpiece. You will need 2 different-sized fish bowls that stack. I got these at Michael’s, but I’ve seen smaller versions at the dollar store! Next, find some bunny ears. I used a bunny ear headband. Even if it’s not spring yet, every craft store has allllll of their spring supplies out right now.

Fish bowl with cotton balls

Or, you can always pick the bunny ears out online (like these). You will also need cotton balls! Have no fear, any grocery store or Dollar Store will have these too. One bag goes a long way, especially when they’re fluffed! I used 5 bags of cotton balls from the Dollar Store. Their bags and cotton balls are smaller than the bags and cotton balls found at the grocery store.

Stacking fish bowls to make a bunny

How to Make a Fish Bowl Bunny

Begin by adding cotton balls to the larger bowl. Fluff the cotton balls up because they’ve been packed tightly in a bag up until now. Next, fill up the small fish bow. Gently stack the fish bowls on top of each other. Finally, add the bunny ears! Fluff cotton balls around the headband to make them stand up and be sturdy. I also made a TikTok video showing how I made these. Are you on TikTok? I have so much fun over there. Here’s my account.

Stacking fish bowls to make a bunny

Isn’t that fun? It is so eye-catching in person and really adds charm to any spring decor. Easter craft projects are the best as you can involve the entire family. So if you’re looking for new DIY spring decorations, make a fish bowl Easter bunny! The nicest part is that you can save and store all of the supplies to make one again next year. Or, you can use the fish bowls again in the summer to make this gorgeous Fish Bowl Centerpiece with Seashells! Isn’t that stunning?!

An Easter Fish Bowl Bunny is simply cuteness overload! Designed by stacking fish bowls filled with soft and fluffy cotton balls

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Fish Bowl Bunny

Create a Fish Bowl Bunny for Easter using stacked fish bowls, cotton balls, and bunny ears.


  • 2 fish bowls: one large and one medium Be sure the fish bowls stack. I got these at Michaels. The Dollar Store sometimes has smaller fish bowls!
  • Cotton balls I purchased 5 bags from the Dollar Store
  • Bunny ear headband You can craft up your own bunny ears too, especially if you’re making a bunny with smaller fish bowls:)


  • Fill the large fish bowl with cotton balls. Fluff them up so they take up more space (they’re used to being smashed in a bag!)
  • Fill the smaller fish bowl with cotton balls
  • Place the smaller fish bowl on top of the large bowl
  • Place the bunny ear headband on top. Fluff the cotton balls around the headband to cover the band and make the ears sit up straight


*Be sure to watch the DIY video to see how I assembled the bunny pictured!

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