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Oh my… what a year 2020 has been. Thank GOODNESS for this blog, Smart School House. It’s been the structure and focus that kept me going this year. That’s a Wrap on 2020! I cannot wait for things to get back to “normal”.

Much like everyone, I had my ups and downs. It feels like there were more downs, can you relate? Sometimes I found myself consciously focused on trying to stay positive and patient… and it hasn’t been easy. When I’m down, I always try and remind myself of what I should be grateful for. 2020 really challenged me on that mindset. I want to thank YOU for continuing to come back, for subscribing, following me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or TikTok (maybe all of them) because YOU have helped me so much.

I have a gift for you because I think we all need to just be cozy this New Year. If nothing else, let’s be comfy as we ring in 2021.

I have a gift for you because I think we all need to just be cozy this New Year. If nothing else, let's be comfy as we ring in 2021.

That’s a Wrap

Everything from health, education, my job, and personal relationships have come into question this year. Since February, I felt like wherever I turned, I was being challenged unexpectedly. I thought it was hard in March when our schools closed and I was struggling to teach my kids from home. It made it nearly impossible for me to continue to work and it was VERY much impossible to “teach” without teaching guides, lesson plans, or an understanding of the process we were thrown into. That was the reality of many of you too. But, that was just the beginning of 2020.

Have you ever felt like you just can’t make everyone happy in literally every single situation all day? I know SO many of you can relate. Lately, all I want to do is be cozy, remind myself of the blessings we have, and not place too many expectations on the near future. It’s ok, things don’t have to be perfect… better days are coming!

Because I’ve felt like I’ve connected with soooo many of you this year, I have to thank you. Thank YOU for supporting Smart School House. I tried my hardest to understand your circumstances and create content with that in mind this year, too. Thank YOU for your kind emails, comments, and messages. Thank YOU for coming to Smart School House knowing you’re always going to find lighthearted recipes and crafts to occupy your time.

That's a Wrap. I have a gift for you because I think we all need to just be cozy this New Year. If nothing else, let's be comfy as we ring in 2021.

My Gift to You

This blog was originally created as a way for me to focus my energy during a challenging time in my life and I feel so incredibly blessed to have a space on the internet to share uplifting content. YOU keep me going:) Over 20 MILLION of you have come to Smart School House in 2020. Some of my most popular blog posts with you this year include: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ideas for Kids, Cheesecake Sugar Cookie Bars (that I created for my husband during his Quarantine Birthday in May), Taco Lasagna …and most recently Tortilla Chip Enchiladas.

Lately, I’ve been spending 24/7 in pajamas. The littlest things like doing my hair, putting on mascara, and spritzing myself with perfume makes me happy. Since I know we’ll be at home here in southern California, I’ve stocked up on loungewear that makes me feel good. I don’t want tight clothes, I don’t want to feel like I’m in pajamas all day, and I don’t want materials that don’t make me feel good.

If you enjoy luxury loungewear, Cozy Earth Bedding has been so generous to Smart School House fans and followers. Only we are getting 50% off of their luxury products. Feel free to share this discount code with any of your friends or family who would appreciate it. We all deserve to welcome in 2021 with a comfy and cozy mindset. Shop everything HERE and simply use the code: SMART50 at checkout.
Xoxo, Kelly.

Kelly Dixon

Welcome to Smart School House! I’m so glad you are here! I’m Kelly Dixon and my website is designed to inspire your creative side. I hope you visit us here often!

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