Christmas Meringue Cookies

Christmas Meringue Cookies

Hooray for holiday baking!!!! My kids and I love spending time in the kitchen together. We’ve tried so many new recipes but today we are sharing one of our favorites with you. When I say meringue cookies, my kids jump! This recipe for vanilla Christmas Meringue Cookies is so easy and so tasty (they practically melt in your mouth). They are perfect to bake on Christmas morning or for holiday parties. But, if you’re anything like us, we just make them for fun!

Christmas Meringue Cookies

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  1. These are very good, light and airy. The colors are great for the holidays.An extremely good tasting cookie.

  2. Linda Hall says:

    Butter flavoring wasn’t mentioned in directions. Should I add it with the food coloring?

    • Oops! So sorry. Yes, that is correct. Thanks for letting me know! I’ll fix the directions right now:)

      • Raphaëlle says:

        I so want to make these, thank you for sharing!! But what is this butter flavouring thing? is this liquid flavouring of some sort? we dont have this handy here in France so I am looking for a substitute…

        • The link to the butter flavoring is found up in the directions:) Hopefully you’re able to get it in France! It’s very, very tasty!

  3. If we don’t have the Butter Vanilla Emulsion, do we just substitute regular Vanilla extract or omit it altogether? These look fantastic!

  4. Can butter flavoring and vanilla flavoring both be used since locally we don’t have a kind like what you used? Thanks!

  5. I can’t find the butter flavoring… Any suggestions for a Christmas substitute?

  6. Could you add mint?

  7. I have a question, I have never made meringue cookies before and the directions say to cook them until the edges start to turn brown, I am looking at your cookies and they don’t look brown at all, am I missing something??

    • It’s hard to see in these photos, but they are slightly brown on different sides (and underneath). So, you’ve got it right! Watch them carefully in the oven and take them out just before they show too much brown. Try one out to make sure they’re cooked and you’re good to go!

  8. How do these keep? Do they have to be kept very dry. I thought humidity in the air was possibly an issue. Would that be a concern?

    • I’m not exactly sure how different humidity levels will impact the meringue cookies, but I do know that you’ll need to store them in an air tight container and eat them within a few days:)

  9. Hi Can you use Homemade Vanilla Extract instead ?

  10. Lois Banta says:

    Can these be made ahead several days to a week? What is the best way to store them?

  11. Lois Banta says:

    How fun and lovely to boot! Two questions for you. Can these be made days ahead and how do you store them to keep them fresh?

  12. Kimberly Clements says:

    can you make them and freeze them?
    I definitely want to make them for a party but would need to make them ahead of time.

    Thank you

    • I actually don’t think they will freeze and thaw correctly. But, they will keep for a couple of days in an airtight container (like position them sitting up in large Zip Lock bags).

  13. Hello and thank you for your pretty Christmas recipe. I have already put the Christmas tree photo and the link to the recipe on my Facebook page. Do you authorize me or no to link your recipe ? If not I delete the photo and the link in my Facebook page. Sorry for English mistakes !!! Tx.

  14. Can you use just plain vanilla extract? I don’t know where to get the emulsion vanilla unless its at Giant. & I want to make them this Wed. Thanks

  15. These cookies are so cute, but I was wondering how many cookies this recipe makes.

  16. Just to clarify, do you use granulated sugar? I’ve seen a meringue recipe that calls for powdered sugar so I’m a bit confused!

  17. For the life of me, I can’t get my batter to form stiff peaks- I must have used my electric mixer for 20 minutes. Suggestions?

    • Maren, that is so strange!! Did you mix the egg whites on high for a long time until they were bubbly? That’s an important part. Darn, I wish I was there to help you!

      • I am wondering if I should have beat them for a longer time before I added the sugar- I’ll keep trying! I just love yours.

        • I hope that is the hold up! Put your mixer on high and mix the egg whites for a lot longer than you did the first time. They will get really frothy and bubbly. Good luck and I hope that works!

          • I’m wondering if using a whip attachment makes a difference? I really don’t know. Just a guess due to the need for whipping the egg whites…..

  18. This looks perfect for the holidays! They look so cute and festive. Adding a hint of mint flavor looks like a great idea for this recipe – I can almost smell and taste it! 🙂

  19. I cannot find butter vanilla anywhere near me. I’ve always used vanilla paste or vanilla extract. would that work?

  20. I made these today and the second batch turned out perfect! The first batch I left baking for 45 minutes and they sort of collapsed after a while and were more like “taffy”. The second batch I had to cook for MUCH longer (1.5 hrs) before they finally browned a bit. When they cooled though, they were PERFECTION! My advice is to REALLY be sure they’ve started to brown before you remove them from the oven.

  21. I found clear vanilla and butter flavoring at good ol’ Walmart a long time ago. Try the wedding aisle with all the Wilton products. They carry food coloring paste which I think would be waaaaay better for this since it won’t add any moisture. Going to try these next!! Spritz cookies are in the oven now!!

  22. I will definitely find some butter vanilla emulsion for my baking bag of tricks. Until then do you think a 50/50 mixture of butter extract/vanilla extract will produce similar results? Just curious since the emulsion would have both flavors?

    The meringue trees are very festive!


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