Baby Wipe Chip Bag Lid Hack



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This baby wipe chip bag hack is so awesome, it’ll have you laughing! Have you ever heard the joke that baby wipes are a mom’s Swiss army knife? They are! Every mom knows that baby wipes are good for everything, they fix everything, and you must take them everywhere. In the car, in your purse, everywhere. I love that they have refillable baby wipe containers nowadays. You can buy wipes in bulk and the refill containers are disposable. However, SAVE those refill baby wipe lids! Here’s a chip bag lid hack that you’ll never forget….

Baby Wipe Chip Bag Lid Hack

DIY Baby Wipe Chip Bag Lid Hack idea

Here at Smart School House, we are passionate about finding fun DIY tips and tricks. Making a chip bag lid with our lucky glue gun was right up our alley! A DIY lid for a chip bags will help small hands, will keep the chip bag closed and fresh, and will reduce spills or accidents. Best of all, it’s an AWESOME trick for road trips, beach trips, camping, or anything on-the-go.

Look at how easy it is to make a lid on a chip bag with this baby wipe hack:

Let’s give our chip bags a unique and personalized touch.

Who knew, right?! This makes taking chips to the beach or to the park (or even camping) so much easier! Plus, I love finding smart ways to reuse items in our house.

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Baby Wipe Chip Bag Lid Hack

You Will Need

  • Chip bag (we are loving Sun Chip’s Garden Salsa and Harvest Cheddar).
  • Empty baby wipe refill bag (with plastic lid)
  • Sharp knife, scissors, or Exacto knife)
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Remove (and clean) the plastic lid of a baby wipe refill pack.
  2. Place a thin layer of hot glue around the bottom of plastic lid.
  3. Place the lid in the center of the chip bag and allow the hot glue to dry.
  4. Using a knife, scissors, or and Exacto knife, cut the bag along the baby wipe lid (as seen in the video)
  5. Open and close the chip bag lid as necessary! Reuse the lid with each new chip bag.

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