Mason Jar Lunchable



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A Mason Jar Lunchable is a smart and creative on the go snacking idea. Heading to the park? Pack a masonable! Bringing leftovers to work? Consider packing the food this way. A masonable isn’t recommended for school lunches because of the glass, but it is a GREAT idea for teachers to use! 

Mason Jar Lunchable

Mason Jar Lunchable

Do you want to know how to make a Mason Jar Lunchable (or a “Mason-able”)? Check it out! Check out the snackable ideas I have at the bottom of this post (with all of the mason jar directions). Do you have more ideas? Leave a comment and let us know!

Mason Jar Lunchable

Using any mason jar with a standard size lid and an empty fruit cup or applesauce cup, you can create a homemade lunchable! Did you know that these empty plastic cups fit a mason jar lid perfectly? Mason jar lids have two pieces, making it magically simple to insert the plastic cup!

Mason Jar Lunchable

Mason Jar Lunchable

It all started by using meat, cheese, and Ritz crackers… just like a pre-made lunchable! Except, it’s SO much more delicious and fresh! You can make them ahead of time and keep them fresh in the refrigerator. These are especially great for pre-made meals, working from home, or distance learning.

Mason Jar Lunchable

Then we tried it with snack size cereal bowls. Cold milk, fresh cereal, YUM! I love that we can re-use the mason jars and fruit cups to create snack size portions of anything we like:) Isn’t that fun? We made a traditional Lunchable with meat, cheese, and crackers. We’ve also made it with cereal and milk for a morning snack. My favorite is the chips and dip and the yogurt with strawberries. You know what was super tasty? The chicken salad with Triscuits!

Mason Jar Lunchable

I’ve seen people make them with tuna and crackers, carrots and ranch, hummus and veggies, and even pasta with sauce. Just imagine all of the possibilities!

More Easy Lunch and Snack Ideas:

DIY Mason Jar Lunchable ("Mason-able"). How to make Mason Jar Lunchable with an apple sauce cup and a mason jar!

How to Make a Masonable

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How to Make a Masonable

You Will Need

  • Wide mouth mason jar and lid (find the exact jar I used here).
  • Apple sauce cup OR fruit cup


  • Clean out a plastic apple sauce cup or fruit cup
  • Add one part of the snack into the plastic cup (like the crackers)
  • Add the other part of the snack to the mason jar (like the cheese and lunch meat)
  • Place the seal of the mason jar lid onto the jar
  • Put the plastic cup and it’s contents onto of the seal upside down
  • Secure the plastic cup and seal in place using the mason jar’s lid ring


  1. A  traditional Lunchable with meat, cheese, and crackers
  2. Cereal and milk
  3. Chips and dip
  4. Yogurt with strawberries.
  5. Chicken salad with Triscuits
  6. Tuna and crackers
  7. Carrots and ranch
  8. Hummus and veggies
  9. Pasta and pasta sauce

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