DIY Easter Ideas

DIY Easter Ideas

Adorable DIY Easter ideas

Easter is such a pretty time of year! The sun starts to warm up, the flowers begin to bloom, little bunnies and baby animals appear everywhere. Best of all…. it’s EASTER! If you’re looking for the most unique DIY Easter ideas (that are easy) then keep on reading! From desserts to decor and gifts, these are some incredibly cute DIY Easter ideas for you! Be sure to follow us on Facebook here for constant ideas.

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  1. Angel Teneyck says:

    thanks so much for sharing with me

  2. Great idea!

  3. Sherri harris says:

    My granddaughters made the bunny race cars . One of them made a back seat for a second peep bunny. For fun they frosted and then decorated them which would be too messy to serve to a large group of children. I would suggest using a sugar wafer fastened to the Twinkie to make it a little sturdier on the bottom. I think mini Oreos look better for the tires.