Funfetti Play Dough

It was simply a matter of time! Have you seen my ice cream play dough recipe? It’s kind of amazing (if I do say so myself). Well, the ice cream play dough is made with just 2 ingredients so, naturally, I was bound to try the recipe with Funfetti frosting. Turns out, it’s just as incredible as the ice cream play dough! You and your kids will love how easy and fun this Funfetti play dough is! Oh, and of course it’s totally edible which makes it safe for younger kids <—- love that!

Funfetti Play Dough

Funfetti Play Dough recipe

Of course, you might want to have some cookie cutters or other play dough toys on hand too. This stuff is impossible to keep your hands off of! It’s incredibly soft plus it smells (and tastes) incredibly sweet!

Funfetti Play Dough


  • 1 cup of Funfetti Frosting
  • 4 cups of powdered sugar


  1. Add the powdered sugar to the frosting in slow increments in your mixer, continually scraping the sides of the bowl.
  2. Use a slow speed on your mixer (no need to go too fast because this dough is pretty thick).
  3. Before you add all of the powdered sugar, touch the play dough and if it feels at all sticky, add the rest of the powered sugar in.
  4. Considering that it is kind of hard to measure exactly one cup of frosting, you might have to eye ball the last quarter cup of powdered sugar that is necessary for this play dough.
  5. It WILL take a lot more powdered sugar that it looks like though (just continue to test the “stickyness” and say no to sticky play dough).
  6. When you are happy with the feel of the dough, add in the Funfetti sprinkles and lightly mix the dough until the sprinkles are evenly combined. Easy peasy!
  7. Roll it into one big ball and make sure it is not crumbly or sticky.
  8. If you added a little too much powdered sugar, don’t worry! We aren’t perfect! Simply sprinkle a little olive oil onto the play dough and BOOM! Problem solved!

Funfetti Play Dough

As I mentioned, because the entire recipe consists of only frosting and powdered sugar, this play dough happens to be completely edible! A lil’ sugar never hurt anybody! Now, I make sure my kiddos don’t sit there and actually eat the play dough (they might start bouncing off the walls on a sugar high!). However, if they nibble a little bit, which  kids will do because it is part of the learning process, then rest assured they will be perfectly fine…..and probably really happy!

Funfetti Play Dough

Store your ice cream play dough in a zip lock bag in the refrigerator. When your kids want to play with it again, leave it out for 30 mintues to warm and reach room temperature (it will harden in the fridge). When it is at room temperature, add a little olive oil to the dough if necessary and  get right back to playing!

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