Edible Play Dough

Edible Play Dough

Today is such an exciting day!! I’ve been so eager to share our newest play dough recipe with you! It’s incredible, it’s edible, and it just so happens to be play dough (which will make you feel like such a fun mom!). You’ll never believe what this stuff is made of…

How to make Incredible Edible Play Dough

When you think of edible play dough, what ingredients do you imagine? Will it taste sweet? Will it have flour? How soft will it feel? I can’t wait to show you….

Incredible Edible Play Dough

To reveal my little secret: Yes, it will taste sweet! In fact, if you were a fan of my Ice Cream Play Dough then you’ll LOVE this play dough recipe too!

To get started, you will need:

  • 2 1/4 cups of powdered sugar
  • 1 cup of Wilton’s Vanilla Filling. If you’re not sure what that is, click HERE to see it

Wilton’s Vanilla Filling is fluffy and it used to make some of your favorite treats as a kid (like Twinkies and Ding Dongs)

Mix the ingredients together in your kitchen mixer (a like a Kitchen Aid, works best).

A simply sweet recipe for Incredible Edible Play Dough! Your kids will love this!

Add the powdered sugar to the frosting in slow increments, continually scraping the sides of the bowl. Use a slow speed on your mixer (no need to go too fast because this dough is pretty thick). Before you add all of the powdered sugar, touvh the play dough and, if it feels at all sticky, add the rest of the powered sugar in. It WILL take a lot more powdered sugar that it looks like though (just continue to test the “stickyness” and say no to sticky play dough). 

Incredible Edible Play Dough recipe (2 simple ingredients)

Roll it into one big ball and make sure it is not crumbly or sticky. If, by chance, you added a little too much powdered sugar, don’t worry! We aren’t perfect! Simply sprinkle a little olive oil onto the play dough and BOOM! Problem solved!

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  1. Wow, crazy love this. If only I had seen this 6 years ago, lol. My kids would’ve loved this. There’s 9, 11 and 13 now though. My eldest likes to craft with fondant though so worth a shot. 🙂

  2. Looks awesome and can’t wait to try it! Can we use marshmallow fluff instead?

  3. Where did u get those letter cutters? Email me

  4. I love your photography! Absolutely stunning! My daughter is a little young for playdough, but I’m pinning this for future reference. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Can you add gel food coloring to this? I had to ask…my kids love bright colors! Plus it would look like the other store bought stuff they play with already.

  6. lisa bringardner says:

    i just love this play dough recipie amd many others of yours! thank you for revealing your secrets! this is going to be very helpful!

  7. I tried this with Duncan Hines frosting starter and it worked great! I added Neon food coloring after and the finished product was awesome and very tasty. 🙂 if you use food coloring you have to work it in a bit until the consistency is right. It starts out a bit sticky once you add it but comes out great! I wish I could post a pic!

  8. HOw long does it last/stay soft?

    • It will stay soft until you put it in the fridge. It will harden in the fridge, but then take it out and it will become soft again once it reaches room temp. Simply add olive oil if it gets dry while they are playing with it:)

  9. I love this recipe! I didn’t care if it was edible or not, so I added some baby oil and it smells yummy and is so soft!

  10. will my baby ‘s hand get sticky after play with it?since it have sugar in it…

    • Well, slightly yes. But, nothing a little bit of gentle soap and water won’t quickly remove. They learn by getting messy, so don’t be afraid to try it! I’m sure your baby will love it:)


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