Kool Aid Meringues

Kool Aid Meringues

Kool-Aid makes everything more fun! Did you happen to see my Kool-Aid Candy Dots? Click HERE if you missed it (you simply have to see it!). Well, since my kids enjoyed those so much, my mind got to thinking about how I could make more Kool-Aid inspired treats. I teased about these cookies on Instagram at the beginning of the month, did you see that? The only rule when it comes to me in the kitchen is this:
The recipe has to be easy!

Trust me, these Kool-Aid Meringues are easy peasy lemon squeezy. Plus, they are so tasty…

Simple recipe for Kool Aid Meringues

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  1. What is the cream of tartar for?

    • It’s needed to make the meringue, another acid like vinegar could be used, though I imagine it’d affect the flavor

  2. T. Kiser says:

    Love this recipe but when do you add in the cream of tarter? In your post it does not say when to distribute this item. 🙂

    • The third sentence after the list of ingredients says, Finally, mix in the cream of tarter.” Sometimes I read too fast and miss things too.

    • Sally martin says:

      Right after the sugar.It’s in the first paragraph.

      • I tried this with splenda as we don’t use sugar. Wondering if maybe that’s why it was real twangy as I only used the amount of kool aid called for – any recommendations? as they aren’t even tolerable to eat.

        • Oh yeah I also didn’t see if I was to fold in the kool aid or mix so I folded 😛

        • That could be the reason why. But, these meringue cookies definitely do have more of a tart taste:) Try adding vanilla or maybe real sugar. Or, feel free to get creative with it and try something new. That’s why I love simple recipes (they’re no-fail!). XO!

        • In regular meringues u can use maple syrup but im not sure how it would do with the koolaid or maybe or stevia which is a more of a natural replacment for sugar then splenda

  3. I absolutely love your site!!! And this recipe. I am currently living in China and just ordered Kool-Aid over the internet since we don’t have it here (On in South Africa). Your blog is amazing!

  4. @ Geidy: Cream of tartar helps stiffen the egg whites.
    @ T. Kiser: Place the cream of tartar in the mixer with the egg whites.

    Good luck. Meringues are delicious.

  5. Patricia says:

    Is the temp Celsius or Fahrenheit?

  6. How many does this recipe make if you do the “swirls”? Like with the 1m tip?

    • Oh lordy! Is it bad that I don’t remember? My kids were tugging at the my legs desperate to get their hands on them so I was working as fast as I could! All I know is that I made about 20….ish

  7. Samantha says:

    Mine was just a syrupy mess. It never frothed up??? I’m using a kitchen aid mixer. Any suggestions?

    • My suggestion would be to turn up the speed on your kitchen aid and really make sure that you whip the eggs for a long time!

  8. Can I use boxed egg whites?

    • I’m not really sure. But, it’s worth a try! Let us know how it goes because I’m sure others will have the same question:)

  9. Marie Wells says:

    How Many Cookies Does One Batch Make?


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