Toilet Paper Apples

Apple season is so close that we can almost taste it! ?? When it comes to autumn, I look forward to the wonderful smells, like apple cinnamon and pumpkin spice, as well as the beautiful decor. Toilet Paper Apples are an adorably easy craft for all ages that look cute anywhere you place them! Fall is a time that looks, feels, and smells cozy, don’t you agree? The sun starts to set a little sooner, leaves fall decorating the streets with festive colors of the season, and our crock pot comes out to slow cook our most favorite recipes.

The ORIGINAL Toilet Paper Apples! Easy Apple Craft for the Fall. This easy apple craft idea is so simple to make and requires no sewing or gluing - a great craft for all ages!

Toilet Paper Apples

Last year, we made these Toilet Paper Pumpkins, and they were such a huge hit with you all! See the full tutorial here. They are SO SIMPLE to assemble that you’ll be giddy when you do them! What I love most is that they will last all the way through Thanksgiving. No gluing, no sewing, no hard crafting is involved with the making of my toilet paper pumpkins.

Would you ever believe that these cute decorative apples start with a simple roll of toilet paper? We all have these at home, so why not use them to decorate? So cute! The rest of the supplies can be found at any craft store or even Walmart.

Supplies for making toilet paper apples

If you have ever worked with fabric, then you know what “fat quarters” are. They are a standard size cut of fabric (18″ x 21″) that you can buy for SUPER inexpensive prices. Sometimes buying fabric can be pricey, but fat quarters are perfect for little projects like these:) I got these exact fat quarters in the fabric section at Walmart for $1.49.
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How to make a toilet paper apple

What I love most about Toilet paper apples and toilet paper pumpkins is that you can save the supplies and reuse them year after year. How’s that for thrifty? Just a couple dollars will last for years and create cute decorations for any place around the house, classroom, or office!

How to make a toilet paper apple and toilet paper pumpkin

Nothing says Fall more than apples! It’s time to go apple picking and cook apple inspired recipes. Here are our most favorite apple recipes for the fall:

How to make a toilet paper apple

How to Make Toilet Paper Apples (check out these video instructions!)

More Pumpkin Crafts:

How to make a toilet paper apple

A fat quarter sized piece of cloth wraps perfectly around ANY size toilet paper roll! I think it would be cute to have different sized apples bunched up together using different sized rolls of toilet paper.

Cinnamon sticks in a toilet paper apple

I used cinnamon sticks as the apple stem. They smell SO good and are the perfect fragrance to go with apple decor:) Plus, you can save them by placing them in a sealed plastic baggie. Mine have lasted for years now! But, real sticks or even popsicle sticks could work for this part too. Be creative! No two apples are alike!

How to make a toilet paper apple

I found an inexpensive flower that had leaves which reminded me of apple leaves. Pretty much any silk leaf will work for this part as long as it is green! Consider using silk leaves you already have. Just pluck them off and place one next to the cinnamon sticks. I think it would be cute to sprinkles a little apple or apple cinnamon fragrance oil to the center of the rolls. That way the toilet paper pumpkins act like a potpourri in any room they’re used!

The ORIGINAL Toilet Paper Apples! Easy Apple Craft for the Fall. This easy apple craft idea is so simple to make and requires no sewing or gluing - a great craft for all ages!

Our Favorite Fall Recipes

Toilet Paper Apples

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Toilet Paper Pumpkins

You Will Need

  1. Rolls of toilet paper (any size)
  2. Fat Quarter cuts of fabric in colors of choice
  3. Cinnamon sticks or branches/twigs from outside
  4. Silk leaves. I like to pick them off of inexpensive bunches of flowers.


  1. Place the toilet paper roll in the middle of the fabric
  2. Wrap the edges of the fabric up and into the toilet paper roll (as seen in the video instructions above)
  3. Repeat until all of the fabric is tucked in. The fabric will hold itself in place!
  4. Add cinnamon sticks or twigs/branches
  5. Stick in a couple green leaves

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