Tomato Cage Witch Hat



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Tomato Cage Witch Hat

This HUGE tomato cage witch hat for Halloween is sure to be a show stopper!

Tomato cage witch hat for Halloween! Made with a table cover and duct tape.

Halloween is one of the BEST holidays to decorate for! Whether you like spooky things or super sweet Halloween touches, everybody gets excited for the big night in October.

These witch hats look great grouped together or just as one standing alone. Using a tomato cage and a few other supplies anybody can whip up one of these haunted hats!

Supplies needed to make a tomato cage witch hat:

  • 40″ foam/cardboard board (any color – found at a craft store)
  • 42″ tomato cage
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife (or X-acto)
  • 2 black plastic table covers (found at a party store or craft store)
  • 2″ purple ribbon
  • Yellow craft foam
  • Glue or hot glue (optional)

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Watch how I made this Tomato Cage Witch Hat

How to make Tomato Cage Witch Hats

  1. Place the tomato cage upside down
    Flip a tomato cage upside down. Everyone must see this!
  2. Wrap the metal with duct tape
    Wrap duct tape on a tomato cage. Why? The result is AWESOME!
  3. Place the tomato cage on the foam board or cardboard and trace a large circle around it for the hat brim
    Making a large witch hat
  4. Using a craft knife, gently cut the circle out of the foam/cardboard 
    Making a large witch hat
  5. Duct tape the tomato cage to the center of the circle
    Duct tape a tomato cage to black cardboard. Everyone needs to see this!
  6. Open 2 plastic table covers 
    black table cover
  7. Wrap one of the table covers around the hat brim, securing it with duct tape (rolling and tucking where needed).
  8. Cut any excess plastic cover.
  9. Use the second table cover to wrap around the top part of the hat
    How to make a tomato cage witch hat!
  10. Gently pull, roll, and tape the plastic table cover into place, hiding the duct tape as much as possible
    I can't belive what this gigantic witch hat is made of!
  11. Wrap purple ribbon around the base of the hat. Secure it with tape or glue
    How to make a tomato cage witch hat
  12. Cut a buckle out of yellow craft foam (the craft knife helps with this) and attach it to the hat using glue or duct tape
    how to make a witch hat

A tomato cage witch hat takes about 30 minutes. Depending on the climate where you live, they can be displayed outside or inside! You could also put lights on the inside to have it glow. Put several hats together or even use larger tomato cages to make different size hats. You could even use purple, green, and orange table covers to make various colored tomato cage witch hats. Happy Halloween!

How to make a HUGE tomato cage witch hat for Halloween!

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