Candy Apple Ghosts



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Boo! Dipping apples in white candy gives them a ghostly appearance perfect for Halloween! Today I’m going to show you how to make perfect gourmet looking Candy Apple Ghosts in 3 simple steps. Be sure to pin and save the directions for when you’re ready to make them!

Boo! How to make perfect gourmet looking Candy Apple Ghost in a few simple steps.

Candy Apple Ghosts

October is one of the funnest months of the entire year. Here at Smart School House, we prepare early so that we can enjoy it to the fullest. Our decorations start to go out on Oct. 1st and I even have some extra special decorations that come out on Halloween afternoon in preparation for trick-or-treating.

Boo! How to make perfect gourmet looking Candy Apple Ghost in a few simple steps.

To make candy apple ghosts you only need four (yes four!) easy to find items that you can find at any grocery store. First you will need apples (red, or green). I think that finding the smallest apples makes this project easier. A lot of times, you can find the smallest apples when they are sold in prepackaged bags. You will also need wax paper, cake pop sticks, black decorating gel, and white Candi Quik (found near the chocolate chips).

Supplies to make ghosts out of apples

I love using Candi Quik instead of candy melts because it is much easier to work with. Plus, it tastes better! It has a delicious vanilla flavor. The texture is smooth and it doesn’t burn as easily.

Making a white candy apple

First, you remove the stem from the apple and gently push the cake pop stick through the center of the apple. Push the stick in until it’s sturdy enough to hold the apple.

Dipping apples into melted candy to make ghosts for Halloween.

How to Make Ghosts Out of Apples

Prepare the countertop with wax paper. The melted candy will harden but it won’t stick to wax paper!

I used a round plastic bowl and melted half of the package of Candi Quik. It takes about 2 minutes to melt in 30 second intervals. Dip the apple on the stick into the melted candy until it is covered. Then, place the candy covered apple on the wax paper.

Making a candy apple ghost

After that, use a spoon (I like using plastic spoons when working with Candi Quik) to add a few extra scoops of melted candy on top. This melted candy will slowly spill down the side of the apple and pile up at the bottom creating a perfect ghost form.

Making ghosts apples for Halloween

Half of the Candi Quik package will make 2 candy-covered apples. It dries quickly so I recommend melting half the package at a time. If you want to make more than two candy apple ghosts, simply melt the other half of the package while the first two apples are drying on wax paper.

How to make a ghost apple!

Give the candy apple ghosts a good hour or so to completely dry and harden. Once dry, use the black gel to create the ghost’s face. TIP: on my first ghost I used too much gel. So, be sure to use the gel sparingly or else it will droop and fall down the apple.

Making ghosts apples for Halloween

When you’re all done drawing on the ghost faces, the candy apple ghosts are ready to be picked up and enjoyed! They will pull off the wax paper in a snap!

Boo! How to make perfect gourmet looking Candy Apple Ghost in a few simple steps.

I created a cute little centerpiece out of these candy apple ghosts on a round wood cheeseboard. Any tray, cutting board, or plate will look cute.

Boo! How to make perfect gourmet looking Candy Apple Ghost in a few simple steps.

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Happy Halloween!

Candy Apple Ghosts

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Candy Apple Ghosts

You Will Need

  • Small apples
  • Candi Quik or any sort of white chocolate to melt
  • Black gel icing

Other Supplies needed:

  • Cake pop sticks
  • Wax paper
  • Microwave safe bowl
  • Spoon


  • Prepare the counter with wax paper
  • Remove the stems from two apples
  • Push the cake pop sticks into the center of the apples
  • Place 1/2 package of Candi Quik into a microwave safe bowl (breaking up the pieces)
  • Melt the chocolate according to the directions: in 30 second intervals, stirring in between
  • Dip the apples into the melted candy
  • Place the candy coated apples on the wax paper
  • Using a spoon, add a 3-4 extra scoops of melted Candi Quik over the top of the apple to create a ghost shape at the bottom
  • Let the candy apple ghosts dry for an hour or so until hardened
  • Add the ghost eyes and mouth with black gel icing

** TIP: Be sure to use the gel icing sparingly! A little goes a long way and too much will cause drooping ?

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