Fudgsicle S’mores

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Fudgsicle S’mores

Summer has unofficially kicked off with Memorial Day weekend here and we are SO excited! Summer is my most favorite time of the year because the days are long and sunny! You can stay out and have a bon fire at the beach or you can jump in the pool first thing in the morning. Summer is made for fun and we like to live it up!

There are a few staple food items that everyone must enjoy during the summer. One thing you simply cannot go without is a s’more! Whether you’re camping or making a s’more in your backyard, they epitomize summer and usually create memories filled with laughter and happiness. Today, however, we couldn’t wait until the sun was down or the BBQ was burning… we wanted that amazing s’mores flavor now. 

What is better than a warm gooey s’more at night? A cold Fudgsicle® S’more during the day! You (and the neighborhood kids) are going to love this!

Fudgsicle S'mores - FROZEN S'MORES! Fudgsicles mixed with s'mores are such a tasty, quick, and easy cold treat for summer. Perfect for cooling off and curing your chocolate cravings this summer.

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