Graham Cracker Crunch

Graham Cracker Crunch

Merry Christmas! Today’s recipe is perfect for those of you looking to bring something a little special to the holiday party. It is easy to make, both adults and kids love it, and it’s festively beautiful for Christmas. This Graham Cracker Crunch is one of those treat-like desserts that you can’t put down. It melts in your mouth and makes it impossible to have just one bite (I love that!).

Graham Cracker Christmas Crunch. An easy Christmas dessert idea!

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  1. What size pan did you use – a cookie sheet or a jelly roll pan? Also, how many graham crackers – one package or more?

    • I use a larger size cookie sheet as seen in the photos (about 18″). It will not take an entire box of graham crackers (about 10 full crackers broken down).

      • making for a party of 50+ people….10 crackers is equal to this recipe? How many crackers should I use??

  2. My kids and I just made this! Oh my! It’s delicious. I think I’ll have to make more because it’ll be gone quickly!

  3. have you tried using white chocolate chips instead of candy melts? Wonder if it makes a difference?

  4. Where can I find the recipe for Graham Cracher Crunch?