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Happy Holidays! How are you guys holding up this year? 2020 has been no joke. Nonetheless, we are doing whatever it takes to celebrate the joy of Christmas this year. We’re cooking, we’re baking, we’re crafting, we’re decorating! I made these Giant Silver Bells to hang along some garland. What I love most about these beautiful big silver bells is that you can decorate them in a number of ways! Hang them outside, hang them along a mantle, add them to Christmas trees, or alongside doorways, there are so many options! 

GORGEOUS Giant Silver Bells for Christmas! You'll never believe what they're made of!

Giant Silver Bells

These are really fun and easy to make. We did three individual bells. I’m so pleased with how they turned out. Adding greenery around the silver bells makes them really “pop” and stand out! They would look so beautiful hanging in front of the house! Be sure to check out the video directions within this post to see exactly how I assembled them.

If you plan to hang them, especially if you plan to hang them outside, it’s important to use a glue that will REALLY keep them together. Trust me, I tried hot glue and it didn’t work. E6000 glue is easy to find and very affordable. It takes more time to dry, but it’s worth the wait!

You will need some small trash bins (like bathroom trash cans or office trash cans). I found some “bell” shaped bins. Next, you’ll need some string, ribbon, ornaments, and spray paint. First, spray paint your trash pins in a metallic silver color. Next, glue a piece of string to a shatterproof ornament. I found this rope looking string in the ribbon aisle. The length of string you need to use will depend on the size of your trash bin. You’ll want to see a little bit of the ornament hanging just a real bell.

Giant Silver Bells

After that, glue the rope/string with the ornament to the inside of the “bell”. Now, let these two things dry. The string needs to dry to both the ornament and the inside of the bell. The results are worth the wait! With this glue, they won’t fall apart.

Once everything on the inside of the Giant Silver Bell has dried, it’s time to perfect the outside! Glue on a long string of ribbon for the bells to hang on and a decorative ribbon bow! I like to tie the bow and glue it on individually so that it won’t untie. It will stay looking perfect for years to come! Just be patient and let these two parts dry again before hanging.

GORGEOUS Giant Silver Bells for Christmas! You'll never believe what they're made of!

These Giant Silver Bells are so beautiful and festive! Because of their notable size, they add a “WOW” factor to any ordinary decor:) If you like this DIY idea, be sure to check out these:

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Giant Silver Bells

How to Make Giant Silver Bells for Christmas

Use simple trash bins to create gorgeous Giant Silver Bells decorations for Christmas!
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Silver Bells

You Will Need

  • Small trash bins that are “bell shaped”
  • Silver metallic spray paint
  • Silver “rope like” string (ribbon)
  • Red shatter-proof ornament that is a complimentary size to your bell
  • Thick red ribbon
  • E6000 glue
  • Scissors


  1. Spray paint trash bins in metallic silver. Spray the inside if needed. Let dry
  2. Cut a piece of “rope” for the ornament bell to hang from based on the size of your trash bin.
  3. Glue one side of the the rope string to the unbreakable ornament
  4. Glue the other side of the rope string to the inside of the bell
    1. Allow time to dry
  5. Once dry, glue a long piece of ribbon to the bottom of the painted trash bin (which is now the top of the bell)
  6. Tie a large bow with matching ribbon
  7. Glue the ribbon on the top of the bow
    1. Allow time to dry
  8. Hang and enjoy your gorgeous Giant Silver Bells!

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