Chalk Paint Recipe & Giveaway



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Chalk Paint Recipe

Stella and I had the BEST time crafting up this chalk paint recipe and we are so excited to share it with you today! 

Honey Bear Chalk Paint Tutorial #DIY #CartersHoliday

Sidewalk chalk is so fun for young children! Kids can color, explore, and create outdoors all year round with chalk. Don’t you have fond memories of creating with chalk when you were a child? Nowadays, chalk has taken on a whole new personality. It’s become stylish to say the least! I have everything organized with beautiful chalkboard labels in my house (you too?). So, why leave the kids out of the trend? Whip up this EASY chalk paint recipe with them and pour it into honey bear bottles for hours and hours of playtime.

Honey Bear Chalk Paint Recipe #DIY #CartersHoliday

Stella was able to help pour and mix the entire chalk paint recipe. 

Honey Bear Chalk Paint Recipe #DIY #CartersHoliday

Ready to make some easy chalk paint with your children? You only need a few simple ingredients and supplies:

1 Part corn starch
1 Part water
Food coloring
Empty honey bear bottles

Mix the corn starch, water, and food coloring.
Give the solution a little shake, shake, shake  –  stick in some paint brushes, and you are all set!

Stella enjoyed embellishing her chalk paint with traditional chalk. My theory? The more chalk the merrier!

Honey Bear Chalk Paint & Carter's Giveaway #DIY #CartersHoliday

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  1. HI – I work at a Y afterschool program. Our site is at a school. If we make this and paint on blacktop will it wash off easily in the rain? thanks

    1. What a great question! As an elementary teacher I understand the importance of your concern. I actually wouldn’t recommend this for the Y. It doesn’t rinse off easily in the rain. In fact, it rinses off best with a hose (something that might not be convenient for the Y).