Smart and Yummy Lunch Ideas

Smart and Yummy Lunch Ideas

Smart + Yummy lunch ideas

It’s time to start thinking about packed lunches again! Whether you are packing just for yourself, a carful of kids, or even if you stay home and have a toddler to feed, new ideas are always neat to see! Here are a bunch of smart and yummy lunch ideas to save.
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6 thoughts on “Smart and Yummy Lunch Ideas

  1. I love that you are using our Princess House 2 Tiered Basket. I am a consultant with Princess House and own 2 of these because I love them so much. Thanks for the wonderful tips!

  2. Wish there were more study, reusable containers. I hate to be responsible for the kids throwing away so much in a year! Will keep looking to adapt your idea to something that is sustainable for the kids’ future!

    1. I’ve purchases containers that have compartments to do my own lunchables, you have to look around, but you can find them. Depending on what I put in them I will also use muffin tin liners to separate items within a food storage container. hope that helps!

  3. You can cut your own cheese instead of buying cubes or rectangles.
    We make DIY lunchables by. adding meat and olives and pickles to silicone muffin cups in a gladware square container. The bread is Hawaiian rolls (2) sliced. To make sliders. We make a snack mix and divide into snack bags, gogurt, protein or granola bar, and the fruit snacks. And we do jello with fruit. Hates fruit only way he’ll eat it unless in pie. Capri sun and extra napkins. Snack in the top of the box and we are good.

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