Aloe Dough

Aloe Dough

With 2 young kids at home, we play with play dough a lot! Sometimes we even like to get creative and make our own as you might have seen here with our Ice Cream Play Dough, this Incredible Edible Play Dough, the yummy Hawaiian Punch Play Dough, this sprinkle infused Funfetti Play Dough, and even the Pumpkin Play Dough! Well, since we are in the middle of summer right now, my kids and I happen to have aloe around on a regular basis. We live along the coast of southern California, so putting aloe on after the beach just feels and smells good on our sun-kissed skin. The other day we had a crazy idea…..
What if we used our Dish Soap Silly Putty recipe and tried it out with Aloe? What would happen?

2 ingredient Aloe Dough! A super soft and amazing smelling DIY play dough recipe made with aloe!

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  1. Do you have printable versions of all your play dough recipes! We have tried several and I would love to just print them off rather than attempt to keep my phone/computer safe from my toddler while we make it.


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