Blow My Heart Up – Bubble Gum Valentine Craft



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Have I mentioned that I LOVE Valentine crafts? Well, I do. I really, really do! Today I made, not only a bubble gum Valentine craft, but an entire YouTube video and free printable tutorial for you! Introducing: Blow My Heart Up (a DIY Valentine craft idea):

Blow My Heart Up – Bubble Gum Valentine Craft

Blow My Heart Up - Bubble Gum Valentine Craft

 To make this bubba-licious Blow My Heart Up bubble gum craft, you only need a few very simple materials that can all be found at your craft store:

Red Craft Foam (or pre-cut foam hearts from the dollar store!)
Gum Balls
Plastic Baggies
Glue Gun

Blow My Heart Up - Bubble Gum Valentine Craft

Cut a heart shape out of your red craft foam.
Cut out the same heart shape but this time make a frame by cutting out the center of it
(easy peasy if you use an exacto knife).
Place your gum balls on the heart
Cut a plastic baggie in half and place it over the gum balls
Hot glue the baggie to the back of the foam red heart
Cut the edges of the baggie around the heart off
Place the red frame foam heart on top and hot glue that baby down!


Here is your free printable
(drag it to your desktop, double click, hit file then print, and POW, it’s done!)

You Blow My Heart Up Valentine FREE Printable
Blow My Heart Up - Bubble Gum Valentine Craft

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  1. Hi Kelly, you have helped to save a lot of time by sharing these craft ideas. Thank you!

  2. These are so cute, Kelly! I’m in charge of organizing a Valentine party for my daughter’s class & I might have to include this idea! Thanks for the inspiration.