Conversation Heart Whipped Cream



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I LOVE Valentine’s Day crafts and recipes! They always so cute and so fun! Today I’m sharing a simple Conversation Heart Whipped Cream recipe that is sure to make any child happy. Conversation Heart Whipped Cream is a fluffy and soft homemade dessert topper that includes only 2 ingredients. Look at how fun and festive this Valentine’s Day whipped cream is!

Conversation Heart Whipped Cream

Add THIS to your Valentine's Day dessert! Conversation Heart Whipped Cream #whippedcream #homemadewhippedcream #whippedcreamrecipe #candyhearts #conversationhearts #valentinesday

Like it’s distant candy cousin, Candy Corn, Conversation Hearts are a cute holiday candy that most people don’t actually like eating – or at least I don’t! But the sugar in the candy mixed with whipped cream is simply dreamy! The whipped cream transforms any ordinary candy heart.

Add THIS to your Valentine's Day dessert! Conversation Heart Whipped Cream #whippedcream #homemadewhippedcream #whippedcreamrecipe #candyhearts #conversationhearts #valentinesday

Sprinkle some additional crushed conversation hearts on top and use the whipped cream with any Valentine’s Day dessert recipe you desire! It turns out looking so pretty and festive for Valentine’s Day. The whipped cream is fluffy and extremely soft and tastes just like conversation hearts. Since the candies are crushed there isn’t much chewing needed. That’s one thing I don’t like about eating ordinary conversation hearts- they’re so hard! This recipe removes that issue and creates a creamy taste without all the crunch.

Add THIS to your Valentine's Day dessert! Conversation Heart Whipped Cream #whippedcream #homemadewhippedcream #whippedcreamrecipe #candyhearts #conversationhearts #valentinesday

Whip the whipping cream for a few minutes until it appears fluffy and cloud-like. Be careful to not over whip it or it gets too thick chunky looking. You want peaks to form but is also needs to appear smooth. We suggest serving this on top of hot chocolate, on top of ice cream (maybe our Conversation Heart Ice Cream Recipe!), and it is also good over any dessert you would normally put whipped cream on. Dip cookies or fruit in it… and just have fun. It’s hard to have a bad time eating such festive whipped cream!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Conversation Heart Whipped Cream

A 2 ingredient whipped cream recipe that makes an extremely fluffy and soft dessert topper for any Valentine's Day dessert you have planned.
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You Will Need

  • 1 cup of heavy whipping cream
  • about 2 regular size boxes of conversation hearts

Other Supplies Needed:

  • Two Ziplock baggies (sandwich size or larger)
  • Scissors
  • Frosting tip (any kind)
  • Spatula
  • Electric Mixer with mixing bowl
  • Hammer or kitchen mallet/meat tenderizer


  1. Place your mixing bowl in the freezer for 20 minutes
  2. Put the conversation hearts inside of a ziplock baggie and gently hammer the candies until they are crushed
  3. Put 1 cup of heavy whipping cream into the mixing bowl and mix on high for 1-2 minutes until soft peaks form. Do not over mix! If it gets too thick it quickly turns into butter (although that would make for some tasty toast, ha!).
  4. Pour most of the crushed candy hearts into the mixing bowl and gently fold the candies into the whipped cream using a spatula. NOTE: don’t mix the candies in with the mixer. The sugar in the conversation hearts will quickly thicken the whipped cream, altering the desired consistency.
  5. Optional: Cut the corner off of a the other ziplock baggie and place the frosting tip inside and pushing it through the open corner (creating a homemade piping bag!). Use the spatula to put the whipped cream into the baggie then squeeze the baggie to swirl the whipped cream on top of desserts!

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  1. Clever and simple to make idea. Really like! Have pinned to my Valentine’s Day Board.