Skeleton Bubble Bath



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Skeletons like bubble baths too! Today I’m going to share how I made a Skeleton Bubble Bath using just 4 items, most of which can be found at a dollar store or a your local craft store. I love to decorate for holidays SO much. Every year I am looking for new ideas to decorate during October. Whether it’s cute pumpkins or fun pillows for the couch, I love those little accents that make it feel like Halloween.

Skeleton Bubble Bath

Skeleton Bubble Bath - Skeletons like bubble baths too! #SkeletonBubbleBath #HalloweenDecorations #DIYHalloween

And I’m always counting down the days until it seems reasonable to decorate for Halloween. In our new neighborhood, I found that most of my Halloween loving neighbors begin decorating on Oct. 1st! How great is that?! My kids love it too when the house is all festive for the holiday, so that makes it even more fun!

Do you know anybody who likes to decorate for Halloween? Be sure to show them this DIY Halloween decor idea!

Halloween is one of our most favorite holidays to decorate for. You could go spooky and scary, or you can go fun and cute. I believe this Skeleton Bubble bath is fun and SUPER cute:)

If you wanted to make it a little spookier, consider adding a smoke machine and a black light. You know what else would be cool? Some bubbling Halloween music!

How to Make a Skeleton Bubble Bath

Looking for other DIY Halloween Decorations? Here are some other EASY Halloween decor ideas of ours:

How about some Halloween fun treats you might like:

What kind of Halloween decor do you like? I love all things orange and black and I love it when green and purple get thrown in too. I love cute and simple and easy to make, so this DIY Halloween decoration definitely fits that. And hopefully, you love it too!

Skeleton Bubble Bath - Skeletons like bubble baths too! #SkeletonBubbleBath #HalloweenDecorations #DIYHalloween

Happy Halloween!

Skeleton Bubble Bath

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Skeleton Bubble Bath - Skeletons like bubble baths too! #SkeletonBubbleBath #HalloweenDecorations #DIYHalloween

You Will Need

  • Black Tub or Cauldron
  • Fiber Fill (1 small bag)
  • Clear Plastic Christmas Ornaments
  • Plastic Skeleton


  1. Fill the bottom portion of the the empty black tub with fiber fill. Fiber fill fluffs up easily the more it is pulled apart.
  2. Place the skeleton inside
  3. Fill the rest of the skeleton “tub” up with the remaining fiber fill around the skeleton
  4. Add the plastic Christmas ornaments throughout the tub to look like extra large bubbles

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