Cardboard Box Snowman



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Here comes Amazon, here comes Amazon, right down my driveway! If you like to shop online for Christmas gifts like I do, then you might have a bunch of Amazon boxes piling up. We have a fun DIY Christmas decorating idea for all of those boxes: Make a Cardboard Box Snowman!

Cardboard Box Snowman

Christmas Cardboard Box Snowman - Great idea for all of those Amazon boxes. Make Christmas Magical for the kids! #CardboardBoxCrafts #DIYChristmasDecor #ChristmasGiftWrappingIdeas #DIYChristmas

If you follow me on Instagram, then you have seen that we had some exciting news this week. We surprised our kids with a new puppy! Her name is Cindy Lou (because she’s a Christmas dog) and we call her Lulu for short:) If you love dogs like we do, then follow Cindy Lou on Instagram to see all of her updates here around Smart School House. She is an English Cream Golden Retriever. That means she won’t be red in color, but white.

She helped keep me busy today while I made this cardboard box snowman. But then when I went to take this picture, she sat down perfectly in the background as if I told her to. Day 1 on the job and she did very well:)

Christmas Cardboard Box Snowman - Great idea for all of those Amazon boxes. Make Christmas Magical for the kids! #CardboardBoxCrafts #DIYChristmasDecor #ChristmasGiftWrappingIdeas #DIYChristmas

Before getting started, I checked out which boxes I had on hand. I found 3 boxes that worked well stacking on top of each other like a snowman. You can also do this with 2 boxes or even 4 boxes. Then, I started wrapping them with plain white wrapping paper. I found the white wrapping paper at the Dollar Store. However, if you can’t find it at the Dollar Store, look at the back side of wrapping paper that you do have. Chances are you’ll find a roll that is white on the back!

Cardboard Box Snowman

I emptied out all of the boxes except for 1. I figured it would be fun for the kids to unwrap the cardboard box snowman. They are very excited to see what’s inside!

Christmas Cardboard Box Snowman - Great idea for all of those Amazon boxes. Make Christmas Magical for the kids! #CardboardBoxCrafts #DIYChristmasDecor #ChristmasGiftWrappingIdeas #DIYChristmas

I found the pack of big red and green wooden buttons at Hobby Lobby (I had used them for THIS project a couple years ago). I love how the cardboard snowman turned out! It took about 30 minutes to make and I think next year my kids will want to make one with me. A cute way to decorate the house with all of those Amazon boxes. See the full directions below –

DIY Christmas Decor Ideas:

Christmas Desserts to Make with the Cardboard Snowman:

Cardboard Box Snowman

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Cardboard Box Snowman

You Will Need

  • 3 stackable cardboard boxes. Any size that you have!
  • White wrapping paper or the white backside of any wrapping paper roll you have
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Black and orange craft foam
  • Buttons (or you could also use craft foam for buttons too)
  • Black hat – I got this one at Hobby Lobby
  • Ribbon in 2 sizes: 1 for around the hat and a thicker ribbon for the scarf
  • Optional: corn cob pipe (also found at craft stores)


  1. Wrap the boxes with white wrapping paper. Leave gifts inside or empty the boxes out first.
  2. You can glue the boxes together, but you don’t have to.
  3. Glue on the 3 buttons.
  4. Use something round to trace the circles for the eyes and mouth on the black craft foam. I used a shot glass to trace the circles for the snowman’s mouth:) Then, to make slightly larger black circles for the eyes, I used a small cup to trace.
  5. Cut a triangle out of the orange craft foam.
  6. Glue the mouth, eyes, and nose on the boxes.
  7. Wrap the hat with ribbon and use hot glue to keep the ribbon in place.
  8. For the scarf, use the thicker ribbon. I added a big ribbon bow for fun:)

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