Halloween Crafts and Ghost Pencil Toppers



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BOO! Are you as excited about Halloween as we are? It’s no secret that we love quick and easy Halloween crafts. I recently made these DIY Ghost Pencil Toppers and they are so adorable! Stella and Mitch LOVE to play with them as finger puppets too. Pin and keep this craft idea in mind for Halloween! ✏️?

Ghost Pencil Toppers

Halloween Crafts and Ghost Pencil Toppers

I drew a ghost free hand, but this can be done with a stencil if you have one on hand. Each pencil topper has TWO foam ghosts, so cut out as many as you will need depending on how many pencil toppers you want to make. Psssst: here’s a tip, if you’re working with kids, make extra! There are bound top be craft mishaps, and that is all part of the learning process:)

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How to make a Ghost Pencil Topper

I think that Halloween crafts like these Ghost Pencil Toppers are a fun project for teachers and students BUT I also think that they would be a great gift for a teacher too. Psssst: don’t forget about the principal, secretaries, and other faculty at your child’s school! Make a bunch of them and hand them out to everyone for fun!

Ghost Pencil Toppers

Halloween inspirations jam packed with wonderful (and wonderfully spooky) Halloween crafts and decorations!. Are you looking for some last minute ideas before the holiday is here?

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You Will Need

  • pencils
  • white craft foam
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • scissors
  • polkadot ribbon (optional)


  1. Trace two ghost forms in the white craft foam
  2. Cut out the ghosts with scissors
  3. Glue the top and sides of the ghosts together, leaving room to stick a pencil in
  4. Add googly eyes
  5. Optional: add bows

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