How to Make Reindeer Food

How to Make Reindeer Food

I met Santa once (true story!). He told me a secret that I’ve remembered for years now. He said that his reindeer, Rudolph in particular, love food! You see, Santa gets to munch on cookies under every Christmas tree he visits. However, his reindeer aren’t always so lucky. Did you know that if you leave reindeer food outside on the night of Christmas eve, the reindeer will eat it while Santa is inside putting presents under the tree? They don’t like just any reindeer food though. Just like all of us, they have a favorite recipe that they can’t resist. Not everybody has perfected this reindeer food recipe. But thanks to Santa, we have, and we are so excited to teach you how to make it!

How to Make Reindeer Food. The best Christmas craft for kids!

I’m not sure why the perfect reindeer food recipe has been kept such a secret. It only takes a couple of extra steps. Are you ready to learn the secret?

Making Reindeer Food by Smart School House

Santa told me 2 secret things about the perfect reindeer food recipe:

#1 The reindeer can spot the food from the sky if you make it sparkle!
It catches their eye from way up in the Christmas nighttime sky!

#2 Reindeer prefer to have their food blended into a powder form.
It makes it easier for them to eat! The more they eat, the faster they fly!

How to make Reindeer Food

You will need small paper mache boxes (ours are star shaped), golden glitter, glue, and oatmeal.
Simply put a cup or two of regular oatmeal in the blender and puree it until it becomes powder. Then, paint the lid of the your paper mache box with glue and sprinkle golden glitter on it. While your lid is drying, fill up the box with the reindeer food. After that, put a teaspoon of glitter on top of the reindeer food! Stella made a video showing you how she and Mitch (or Mitchy, as she calls him) made it:

On Christmas eve, put on your very best Christmas pajamas and go outside. Open your box of reindeer food and sprinkle it on the grass (or wherever you know they will find it!). You’ll see that the glitter in the food will sparkle under the starts. It’s kind of magical! Be sure to turn your listening ears on in bed because you’ll probably hear them nibbling on it!

How to Make Reindeer Food B

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