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A homemade snow globe is a childhood must! We have made several DIY Snow Globes here at Smart School House and we’re so excited to share our newest one with you! My daughter and I stopped in at the Dollar Store recently and we saw adorable solar candles. I can’t wait to show you how we turned the candle into a Solar North Pole Snow Globe for Christmas! It charges in the sunlight during the day and the North Pole glows at night. It’s so magical and fun for the kids! I have created the North Pole sign that you can download for your solar snow globe too:)

DIY Glowing Solar North Pole Snow Globe Made With a Plastic Ornament for Christmas

Solar North Pole Snow Globe

There is perhaps no piece of winter holiday décor that is more iconic than the snow globe. These timeless decorations make perfectly charming holiday mantel decorations, can be displayed as part of a Christmas centerpiece, and are ideal for giving as gifts. What’s more, these DIY snow globes are easy to make at home, which means you don’t have to shell out money at the store — plus, you get all of the fun of crafting.

DIY Glowing Solar North Pole Snow Globe Made With a Plastic Ornament for Christmas

We got all of the supplies needed to make these solar snow globes at the dollar store, with the exception of red acrylic paint and white duct tape. However, you don’t have to use white tape, you could use any kind of thicker tape found at the dollar store. The red paint is only a couple of dollars at any craft store or Walmart. You will also need a solar candle (also found here), a large plastic Christmas ornament, white ribbon, fake snow, and hot glue.

The plastic flame on the candle comes right off, turning it into the perfect glowing North Pole. Cover the rest of the white plastic candle in red acrylic paint. What I love about acrylic paint is that it dries quickly. We did two coats of red paint on our candles.

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While the red paint is drying, plug in your glue gun. Put a small dot of glue on the tip of the ribbon and adhere it to the top of the solar candle. In a downward direction, swirl the ribbon around the candle creating the look of a candy cane. Adhere the ribbon to the bottom of the candle with another dot of hot glue. Next, add a North Pole sign. If you want to download and print my sign, click here and select “file” then “print” in the next screen.

In order to make the paper North Pole sign a little more sturdy, I put it onto white duct tape. I left a small edge of extra tape around the border of the top and sides of the sign. Then I dipped the sign into the fake snow and the extra border of tape is covered with fake snow. Then, use hot glue to adhere the sign to the solar candle.

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DIY Glowing Solar North Pole Snow Globe Made With a Plastic Ornament for Christmas

Finally, remove the metal top off of the plastic ornament and fill it with a little bit of snow. I used a funnel to get the snow into the ornament easily. Lastly, gently push the candle with the North Pole sign into the ornament. Hot glue the ornament to the base of the solar candle. You can decorate the base of the candle with extra ribbon or holiday decor. I placed our Solar North Pole Snow Globes in the middle of garland on a table. As long as the solar candle gets sunlight during the day, the North Pole inside the snow globe will glow at night!

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How to Make a Solar North Pole Snow Globe

DIY Solar North Pole Snow Globe

Print Here
DIY Solar North Pole Snow Globe

You Will Need

  • Solar candle (found at the dollar store or HERE on Amazon)
  • Large plastic ornament
  • Hot glue
  • Fake Snow
  • White duct tape (or any thick tape you have)
  • Red acrylic tape
  • Thin white ribbon
  • North pole sign (you can print my sign HERE)

Other Supplies Needed

  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Funnel
  • Garland or other optional decor for the base of the candle


  1. Remove the plastic flame tip from the candle
  2. Paint the candle stick red (two coats)
  3. Hot glue white ribbon around the red candle stick to make a candy cane pattern
  4. Place a small North Pole sign on the sticky side of white duct tape
  5. Cut the edges of duct tape off North Pole sign leaving an extra sticky border around the top and sides of the sign
  6. Dip the sticky edges of the sign into fake snow making it look like the sign has snow on it
  7. Hot glue the North Pole sign onto the painted candle stick
  8. Remove the metal lid from the plastic ornament
  9. Using a funnel, add fake snow to the plastic ornament
  10. Gently push the candle stick with the North Pole sign into the ornament
  11. Hot glue the ornament to the base of the solar candle

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