Pastry Wrapped Brie Cheese

Pastry Wrapped Brie Cheese

Once upon a time, we went to France and ate every kind of cheese imaginable. Well, that might be a little dramatic. However, we did go to France and eat a lot of cheese! Who knew that you could actually eat pieces of various cheese samples as a meal? Well, you can and it is delicious! Picture this: we were at a French farmer’s market, sitting outside on the second floor balcony of a little cafe, listening someone playing an accordion nearby. We were completely immersed in everything I hoped France would be like. We left happy and full!

Today’s recipe is inspired by the cheese tasting we experienced in France. This pastry wrapped brie cheese is a delicious 3-ingredient cheese appetizer made in 20 minutes!

Pastry wrapped Brie Cheese. Delicious 3-ingredient cheese appetizer made in 20 minutes!

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