Skittles Lollipop Garden Seeds

Skittles Lollipop Garden Seeds

It’s no secret that we love to garden here at Smart School House. We like to grow chocolate carrots, ice cream cone seedlings, and today we’re going to show you how to grow a lollipop garden! I’m sure you can tell that we love to be creative, use our imagination, and have fun A LOT! 

Skittles Lollipop Garden Seeds are magic …. your kids will love them!

How to grow a Lollipop garden with this ONE secret trick:)

You will need the following supplies:

  • Skittles
  • Big rainbow lollipops (found at the dollar store or here on Amazon
  • Kids with a good imagination:)

Set the Skittles package in the grass (as pictured) and shout something like, “Oh my goodness! We got the magic Skittle seeds!”

Skittles Lollipop Garden Seeds

As your kids run out to see what you’re talking about, continue with your story that these aren’t just any regular Skittles. These are magic seeds! Most younger kids can’t help it, even if they don’t totally belive you on the surface, deep down there is always a little bit of excitement about it being true and seeing what’s going to happen. 

Have your kids sprinkle a few Skittles in the grass or garden area.

Skittles Lollipop Garden Seeds

Depending on your day and schedule…. sneak out when they’re not looking and quickly replace the skittles with rainbow lollipops! You could do this before they wake up or even an hour after they’ve sprinkled out the Skittles. You can’t go wrong! Keep the clear lollipop wrapper on though:)

Skittles Lollipop Garden Seeds. How to grow lollipop. Kids LOVE this!

It doesn’t matter what age your kids are, EVERY child would love to see this in their yard!

Skittles can be magical if you just belive they are. Have fun!

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