Make Ahead Freezer..

Make Ahead Freezer Meals Fall is quickly approaching. Do you know what that means? Shorter days, cooler weather, and busy school & work schedules. Taking the time to prep some freezer meals is a great way to help organize your life! Check out these make smart ahead freezer meals for some inspiration. Click the back […]

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Smart House Organi..

Smart House Organization Ideas With back to school season approaching and the holiday season quickly kicking into gear just after, now is the time to organize our homes! From our garage to our kitchen. From the school work areas to the bedrooms. Check out these smart home organization ideas for getting ready for another year of […]

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Stained Glass for ..

DIY Stained Glass for Kids We recently sailed around the Mediterranean Sea on the Royal Princess cruise ship. It was a beautiful trip that we miss so much already! My husband and I went together and sent as many pictures of our experience as we could back to our kids in California throughout the trip. […]

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Children’s Nutri..

Children’s Nutritional Supplements … and a GIVEAWAY … Let me just break down the last few weeks. They might sound a lot like the few weeks you recently had. Our schools are still in session. I know it seems late, but when we go back to school for the fall in September, it’s great! Right now, we’re in […]

Ways to Use Mason ..

Ways to Use Mason Jars Check out these 16+ genius ideas that you can start doing with your Mason jars! 16 smart ways to use mason jars! Mason jar lids, mason jar pumps, plastic mason jars, and so much more. Click the back and forward buttons below to see each idea:

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Back to School Bre..

Back to School Breakfast Recipes Back to school season is here (ready or not!). Now is the time to start collecting recipes, getting supplies and ingredients organized, and prepping for another year of success. Here are some fabulous back to school recipes that you can make ahead or in a hurry. Click the back and […]

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Smart and Yummy Lu..

Smart and Yummy Lunch Ideas It’s time to start thinking about packed lunches again! Whether you are packing just for yourself, a carful of kids, or even if you stay home and have a toddler to feed, new ideas are always neat to see! Here are a bunch of smart and yummy lunch ideas to […]

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Smart Slow Cooker ..

Smart Slow Cooker Recipes One of the best times of the day is dinner! On super busy days, it’s easy to consider crock pot or slow cooker meals. Gather the ingredients in advance, and place them all in a slow cooker, and let the time pass! By evening, you’ll have a delicious meal for the […]

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Popsicle Hacks

Popsicle Hacks Popsicles are so fun to make! They’re even more fun to eat! Forget buying pre-made popsicles and use these tips for making some awesome homemade treats. Click the back and forward buttons below to see these amazing popsicle hack recipes.

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Pixy Stix Lip Glos..

Pixy Stix Lip Gloss My daughter and I love lip gloss. DIY lip gloss (like our popular homemade tutorial here) is my favorite! It’s so soft and shiny, plus it is so nourishing. When you make a DIY lip gloss, the ingredients are super soothing. Today, however, we are showing you a way to add a tiny […]

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Baby Wipe Chip Bag..

Baby Wipe Chip Bag Lid Hack This baby wipe chip bag hack is so awesome, it’ll have you laughing! Have you ever heard the joke that baby wipes are a mom’s Swiss army knife? They are! Every mom knows that baby wipes are good for everything, they fix everything, and you must take them everywhere. […]

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Waffle S’mor..

Waffle S’mores Raise your hand if you love s’mores? Well, it is s’more season after all! Except, these s’mores can be enjoyed all year long and don’t require a camping trip or an open flame. They do, however, require waffles….. You’re going to love this Waffle S’mores recipe!

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Watermelon Fun Dip..

Watermelon Fun Dip Parfait Happy summer! Today we were in the mood to make something fun. We wanted it to be cold, since it’s hot outside. But we also wanted it to be yummy and, of course, easy to make! So, we headed to the kitchen to look for supplies. You are going to LOVE this […]

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Lavender Laundry S..

Lavender Laundry Sponges Don’t you just love the comforting, clean, and relaxing smell of lavender? Lavender laundry sponges are reusable lavender scented fabric softeners. Just pop them in the dryer and your clothes come out soft and smelling lovely! Today’s DIY craft is not only fun to make, it will help you save money in your […]

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Argan Oil Chocolat..

Argan Oil Chocolate Mask Today’s DIY craft is inspired by one of my recent trips (you might have seen us here on Instagram sailing the Mediterranean Sea). It was such a wonderful getaway and one of my most favorite days was when I got to visit the spa on our cruise ship. The Royal Princess […]

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Pop Rock Popsicles

Post sponsored by The Original Brand Popsicle® Pop Rock Popsicles We have been so eager for summer to start this year! Every single time we go to the grocery store, my kids beg for that iconic yellow Popsicle® box. But, I made them wait! I know, I’m so mean:) In reality, the suspense building up to seeing […]

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Creative Camping I..

Creative Camping Ideas Pack up the kids, some of your closest friends, and escape to the wild outdoors with a great camping trip this summer. Check out these quirky and creative camping supplies that will surely enhance your entire trip. To see each idea, click the back and forward buttons below:

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Camping Food

Camping Food Going camping this summer? Take a look at these delicious and creative camping food ideas. Just in case you’re not going camping but want to cook outside this summer, a lot of these recipes can be used with a BBQ too. Enjoy! To see each idea, click the back and forward buttons below.

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