I Donut Know What ..

I Donut Know What I Would Learn Without You We are gearing up for Teacher Appreciation Week at school and in celebration of our wonderful teachers we’re sharing this free donut printable gift with you!  I “DONUT” know what I would learn without you:) I purchased these white cookie boxes from my craft store (like Hobby […]

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips These 3 Smart Cleaning Tips are THE BEST! I’m so happy to share these amazingly easy and smart ideas with you now that spring cleaning is in full swing! Have I mentioned that I love spring cleaning season? I love to open the windows, let the sun shine in, and feel the breeze blow […]

Carrot Napkin Uten..

Carrot Napkin Utensils Carrot Napkin Utensils – DIY bushel of carrots for Easter utensils! Green utensils wrapped in an orange napkin to look like carrots. Keep reading to see the complete directions and details about where I got the supplies. You’re going to get a lot of smiles when you display these utensils wrapped like […]

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The Best Easter Re..

The Best Easter Recipes Looking for The Best Easter Recipes and ideas? We have something just for you here at Smart School House today. We LOVE Easter and the delicious food that comes along with it. Here you will find the perfect recipes for a beautiful Easter brunch and Easter dinner, including glazed ham and […]

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Jello Filled Water..

Jello Filled Watermelon Slice up some fun with this DIY watermelon jello recipe! Every kid loves biting into a slice of jello watermelon on a sunny day. If you’ve never made a jello filled watermelon, you have been missing out! I can’t wait to show you how cool this watermelon treat is.

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Smart School House..

Smart School House Office Welcome to the NEW Smart School House Office! I’m so excited, honored, and proud to welcome you:) Smart School House started back in 2012. At the time, I was working at my small computer in our master bedroom. Throughout the years, my “office” space changed with our 5 relocations, making it […]

Bunny Lollipops

Bunny Lollipops I have been so excited to share this spring craft with you! Today I’m going to show you how to make adorable little bunny ear (or bunny butt) lollipops using safety pops. Does a sucker it get any cuter than this? You’re going to LOVE this project!

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How to Make a Wash..

How to Make a Wash Cloth Bunny Welcome to Smart School House! In celebration of all things spring and Easter, today I’m going to show you how to make a Wash Cloth Bunny! These are also known as boo boo bunnies and you can put ice cubes in them to help soothe a child’s boo […]

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Skittles Lollipop ..

Skittles Lollipop Garden Seeds It’s no secret that we love to garden here at Smart School House. We like to grow chocolate carrots, ice cream cone seedlings, and today we’re going to show you how to grow a lollipop garden! I’m sure you can tell that we love to be creative, use our imagination, and […]

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Edible Meringue St..

Edible Meringue Stamps These 3 ingredient colorfully stamped meringues are so easy and fun to make. The bottoms are decorated with edible meringue stamps (I’ll show you where to find them!). You can make any pattern you want. I love the mix of hearts, flowers, and patterns that we used today. 

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How to Make Homema..

How to Make Homemade Paint Buying paint for kids or a classroom can be pricey! Never buy paint again with this 3 ingredient homemade paint recipe! This is a money saving DIY for parents and teachers on a budget (or for those of us who love being crafty!). 

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Ice Cream Cone See..

Ice Cream Cone Seedling Garden Ice Cream Cone Seedling Garden – start seeds in ice cream cones and then plant them when they’re ready. Perfectly biodegradable! There’s ONE little trick that makes this gardening tip work…

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DIY Cloud Dough Fl..

Cloud Dough Fluff Recipe Welcome to Smart School House! Today we’re going to show you how to make Cloud Dough Fluff! If you’ve been here before, you have probably seen our dish soap silly putty, ice cream play dough, scented slime, yogurt dough, aloe dough, Funfetti play dough, Hawaiian Punch Play Dough, and incredible edible play […]

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Glow in the Dark E..

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt This is a fun idea for an Easter egg hunt! Use DIY glow in the dark eggs and put them out in the dark for kids on Easter! You’ll love how easy this is to do and how you can reuse your supplies next year. 

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Layered Peeps Cook..

Layered Peeps Cookie Bars Imagine biting into a fluffy, colorful, and soft Easter Peep cookie bar! This ooey gooey bars are divine!  (I kinda drool just thinking about them) These layered Peeps Cookie Bars are loaded with everything you love! They are an EASY and delicious Easter dessert recipe. You’ll never be able to eat a Peep […]

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Candy Carrot Garde..

Candy Carrot Garden Ahhh spring is in the air! Who is ready for spring? Me too!  Today I’m showing you how to grow a magical candy carrot garden just in time for spring! Using candy “seeds” and a little imagination (plus help from parents), your kids will be thrilled with what they grew!

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Easter Egg Hunt fo..

Easter Egg Hunt for Babies (and toddlers!) Easter is almost here and kids everywhere are getting excited to hunt for colorful eggs! Do you have a baby or toddler who isn’t quite ready for candy, stickers, or coins inside of their Easter eggs? Then this DIY Easter Egg Hunt for Babies idea is just for you. Chances […]

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Trash Bag Apron

Trash Bag Apron You know those days when kids art projects are really messy, paint & craft supplies are getting all over the place, and you’re trying to keep yourself clean? Yeah, today was one of those days for us. That’s why I’ve decided to share this smart little trash bag hack with you: a DIY […]

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